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TENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON PREVENTION OF TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT年度/届会报告《禁止酷刑公约任择议定书》 CAT/C/60/3_  查看文件  EFSACR      CAT_C_60_3_8193_E.docxCAT_C_60_3_8193_F.docxCAT_C_60_3_8193_S.docxCAT_C_60_3__8193_A.docCAT_C_60_3_8193_C.docxCAT_C_60_3_8193_R.docxCAT/C/60/3_ True27
Report of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Sixty-fourth session (4-22 July 2016) Sixty-fifth session (24 October-18 November 2016) Sixty-sixth session (13 February-3 March 2017)年度/届会报告《消除妇女歧视公约》 A/72/38  查看文件        E SACR      A/72/38 True27
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Report on the fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth and fifty-ninth sessions ( 22 February - 4 March 2016, 6-24 June 2016, 19 September-7 October 2016)年度/届会报告《经社文权利公约》 E/2017/22-E/C.12/2016/3  查看文件        E SACR      E/2017/22-E/C.12/2016/3 True27
残疾人权利委员会第十六届会议报告 (2016年8月15日至9月2日)年度/届会报告《残疾人权利公约》  CRPD/C/16/22016年09月02日 查看文件        E SACR      CRPD/C/16/2 True27
Report of the Committee on Enforced Disappearances: Ninth session (7-18 September 2015) and Tenth session (7-18 March 2016)年度/届会报告《免遭失踪公约》 A/71/56  查看文件        E SACR      A/71/56 True27
Report of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Eighty-seventh session (3-28 August 2015), Eighty-eighth session (23 November -11 December 2015) and Eighty-ninth session (25 April - 13 May 2016)年度/届会报告《消除种族歧视公约》 A/71/18  查看文件        E SACR      A/71/18 True27
Report of the CAT, 55th session (27 July-14 Aug 2015) 56th (9 Nov.-9 Dec. 2015) 57th (18 April-13 May 2016)年度/届会报告《禁止酷刑公约》 A/71/442016年09月09日 查看文件        E SACRINT_CAT_SAR_8090_E.pdfINT_CAT_SAR_8090_F.pdfINT_CAT_SAR_8090_S.pdf   A/71/44 True27
Report of the Human Rights Committee: 114th session (29 June-24 July 2015), 115th session (19 October-6 November 2015), 116th session (7-31 March 2016)年度/届会报告《公民及政治权利公约》 A/71/40  查看文件        E SACR      A/71/40 True27
Report of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on its 66th, 67th, 68th, 69th, 70th, 71th Sessions年度/届会报告《儿童权利公约》 A/71/412016年08月02日 查看文件        E           A/71/41 True27
Report of the Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families on its twenty-third session (31 August -9 September 2015) and twenty-fourth session (11-22 April 2016)年度/届会报告《移徙工人权利公约》 A/71/48  查看文件        E SACR      A/71/48 True27