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CCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

74 Session (18 Mar 2002 - 05 Apr 2002)

General Documentation

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Provisional AgendaCCPR/C/146Provisional Agenda and Annotations View document  CCPR/C/146 True21

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Georgia Georgia   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report31765
GeorgiaState party's reportCCPR/C/GEO/2000/2 View document  CCPR/C/GEO/2000/2 True
ExpandFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding Observations31765
GeorgiaFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/95/2 View document  CCPR/C/95/2 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 31765
Georgia(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.90/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.90/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues31765
GeorgiaList of issuesCCPR/C/73/L/GEO   CCPR/C/73/L/GEO False
GeorgiaList of issuesCCPR/C/74/L/GEO View document  CCPR/C/74/L/GEO True
ExpandConcluding observations31765
GeorgiaConcluding observationsCCPR/CO/74/GEO View document  CCPR/CO/74/GEO True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations31765
GeorgiaState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/GEO/Add.1 View document  CCPR/CO/74/GEO/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records31765
GeorgiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2001   CCPR/C/SR.2001 False
GeorgiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2002   CCPR/C/SR.2002 False
GeorgiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1986 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1986 True

Hungary Hungary   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report31777
HungaryState party's reportCCPR/C/HUN/2000/4 View document  CCPR/C/HUN/2000/4 True
ExpandList of issues31777
HungaryList of issuesCCPR/C/73/L/HUN View document  CCPR/C/73/L/HUN True
ExpandConcluding observations31777
HungaryConcluding observationsCCPR/CO/74/HUN View document  CCPR/CO/74/HUN True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations31777
HungaryState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/HUN/Add.1 View document  CCPR/CO/74/HUN/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records31777
HungarySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2005   CCPR/C/SR.2005 False
HungarySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1994 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1994 True
HungarySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1993 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1993 True

Sweden Sweden   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report317168
SwedenState party's reportCCPR/C/SWE/2000/5 View document  CCPR/C/SWE/2000/5 True
ExpandList of issues317168
SwedenList of issuesCCPR/C/73/L/SWE   CCPR/C/73/L/SWE False
SwedenList of issuesCCPR/C/74/L/SWE View document  CCPR/C/74/L/SWE True
ExpandConcluding observations317168
SwedenConcluding observationsCCPR/CO/74/SWE View document  CCPR/CO/74/SWE True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations317168
SwedenState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.4   CCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.4 False
SwedenState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.2 View document  CCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.2 True
SwedenState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.3 View document  CCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.3 True
SwedenState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.1 View document  CCPR/CO/74/SWE/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records317168
SwedenSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1989 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1989 True
SwedenSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1990 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1990 True

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/1005/2001 Concepción Sánchez GonzálezSpain View document  CCPR/C/74/D/1005/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/1048/2002 Kenneth Riley et al.Canada View document  CCPR/C/74/D/1048/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/1065/2002 Makram Asham Andrawos MankariousAustralia View document  CCPR/C/74/D/1065/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/580/1994 Glenn AshbyTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/580/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/667/1995 Hensley RickettsJamaica View document  CCPR/C/74/D/667/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/677/1996 Kenneth TeesdaleTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/677/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/678/1996 José Luis Gutiérrez VivancoPeru View document  CCPR/C/74/D/678/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/683/1996 Michael WanzaTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/683/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/684/1996 R.S.Trinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/684/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/721/1996 Clement BoodooTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/721/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/763/1997 Yekaterina Pavlovna LantsovaRussian Federation View document  CCPR/C/74/D/763/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/792/1998 Malcolm HigginsonJamaica View document  CCPR/C/74/D/792/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/794/1998 Samba JallohNetherlands View document  CCPR/C/74/D/794/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/802/1998 Andrew RogersonAustralia View document  CCPR/C/74/D/802/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/803/1998 Rupert Althammer et al.Austria View document  CCPR/C/74/D/803/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/845/1998 Rawle KennedyTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/74/D/845/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/859/1999 Luis Asdrúbal Jiménez VacaColombia View document  CCPR/C/74/D/859/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/880/1999 Terry IrvingAustralia View document  CCPR/C/74/D/880/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/919/2000 Michael Andreas Müller and Imke EngelhardNamibia View document  CCPR/C/74/D/919/2000 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/921/2000 Alexandre DergachevBelarus View document  CCPR/C/74/D/921/2000 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/921/2000/Rev.1 Alexandre DergachevBelarus View document  CCPR/C/74/D/921/2000/Rev.1 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/74/D/965/2000 Mümtaz KarakurtAustria View document  CCPR/C/74/D/965/2000 True


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