《消除妇女歧视公约》 - 《消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约》

第81 (Virtual PSWG)届会前工作组 (2021年07月05日 - 2021年07月09日)


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来自秘书处的信息CEDAW/C/PSWG/81/1  查看文件  CEDAW/C/PSWG/81/1 True93
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CEDAW/INF/81/32712 True93
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CEDAW/INF/81/32713 True93


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亚美尼亚 亚美尼亚

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/ARM/7 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ARM/7 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/ARM/43896 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/ARM/2019 查看文件  HRI/CORE/ARM/2019 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/ARM/Q/7 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ARM/Q/7 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Research Center (HRRC)-Armenia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45036 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women's Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Crisis Centre- Armenia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45039 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Advocates for Human Rights (The Advocates), The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women (CSVW) and Human Rights research Center (HRRC) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45046 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Sexual Assault Crisis Center NGO and Pink Human Rights Defender NGO 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45057 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Coalition to Stop Violence against Women Armenia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45058 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45061 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45063 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45159 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)CEDAW Task Force - Armenia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45189 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Disability-Inclusive Development NGO submission for List of Issues Final 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARM/45225 True

吉布提 吉布提

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/DJI/4-5 查看文件  CEDAW/C/DJI/4-5 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/DJI/2010 查看文件  HRI/CORE/DJI/2010 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/DJI/Q/4-5 查看文件  CEDAW/C/DJI/Q/4-5 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)-Djibouti 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/DJI/45038 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/DJI/45059 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/DJI/45321 True

土耳其 土耳其

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/TUR/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/TUR/8 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/TUR/44296 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/TUR/2007 查看文件  HRI/CORE/TUR/2007 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/TUR/Q/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/TUR/Q/8 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件Annex to the replies to the list of issues and questions in relation to its eighth periodic report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ARL/TUR/47201 True
对问题清单的答复CEDAW/C/TUR/RQ/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/TUR/RQ/8 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Baran Tursun International Foundation-Turkey 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/44977 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Volunteer Jurists Association-Shadow Report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45032 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45064 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Peace & Justice 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45065 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Association for Monitoring Equal Rights 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45080 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)International Association for Human Rights Advocacy Geneva (IAHRAG)-Turkey 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45134 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)ERA - LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey, Free Colours Association, Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association, Pink Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association, Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientatio 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45137 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/TUR/45323 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Journalists and Writers Foundation’s - Written submission 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/NGO/TUR/45231 True

格鲁吉亚 格鲁吉亚

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/GEO/6 查看文件  CEDAW/C/GEO/6 True
缔约国报告的附件Annexes 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/GEO/43677 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.90/Rev.1 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.90/Rev.1 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/GEO/Q/6 查看文件  CEDAW/C/GEO/Q/6 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG)-Shadow Report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45025 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Equality Now and Partners-Joint Submission on Georgia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45044 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)NGO Partnership for Human Rights in cooperation with the Network of Women with Disabilities and their Allies 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45050 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Partnership for Education and Communication 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45052 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity, Queer Association “TEMIDA" 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45060 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Association “HERA-XXI” 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45114 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45117 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Coalition for Equality and other NGOs (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45138 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Joint submission from civil society organizations working on gender equality and women’s empowerment in Georgia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45149 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/GEO/45322 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Public Defender of Georgia 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/IFL/GEO/45034 True

洪都拉斯 洪都拉斯

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/HND/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/HND/9 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.96/Rev.1 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.96/Rev.1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.96 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.96 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/HND/Q/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/HND/Q/9 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (CDM), Somos Muchas (SM) y Centro de Derechos Reproductivos 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45047 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)El Equipo Jurídico por los Derechos Humanos, el Centro de Derechos de Mujeres, el Centro de Estudios de la Mujer – Honduras, organizaciones integrantes de la Plataforma Somos Muchas y Abogados Sin Fronteras-Canadá en Honduras 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45048 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women’s Link Worldwide (WLW), la Colectiva de Mujeres Hondureñas (CODEMUH) and Lawyers Without Borders Canada 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45099 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women’s Link Worldwide (WLW), la Colectiva de Mujeres Hondureñas (CODEMUH) and Lawyers Without Borders Canada-ANNEXO-Solicitud acceso a la información 2021-unido-Honduras 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45100 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)FIAN Internacional y FIAN Honduras 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45115 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Plan International-Informe Alternativo-Honduras 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45161 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)La Federación Nacional de Organismos de Personas con Discapacidad de Honduras (FENOPDIH) y dos sus organizaciones miembros 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45226 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Advocates for Human Rights 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HND/45049 True

芬兰 芬兰

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/FIN/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/FIN/8 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/FIN/2020 查看文件  HRI/CORE/FIN/2020 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/FIN/Q/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/FIN/Q/8 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Amnesty International 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/FIN/44991 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/FIN/45051 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Ombudsman for Equality in Finland 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/IFL/FIN/45003 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Centre (NHRI) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/IFL/FIN/45066 True


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尼日尔 尼日尔

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/NER/QPR/5 查看文件  CEDAW/C/NER/QPR/5 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/NER/2018 查看文件  HRI/CORE/NER/2018 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Human Rights Watch (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NER/45116 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and ONG Femmes Actions Développement-Niger 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NER/45037 True

爱沙尼亚 爱沙尼亚

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/EST/QPR/7 查看文件  CEDAW/C/EST/QPR/7 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/EST/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/EST/2015 True

荷兰 荷兰

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/NLD/QPR/7 查看文件  CEDAW/C/NLD/QPR/7 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.68/Rev.1 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.68/Rev.1 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)NNID – Netherlands organization for sex diversity (NNID), Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN) and COC Nederland 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NLD/45043 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Dutch CEDAW Network-Shadow report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NLD/45077 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Netherlands Institute for Human Rights-Report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NLD/45027 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Netherlands Institute for Human Rights-Annex to Report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/NLD/45028 True