CESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

68 (Virtual Session) Session (28 Sep 2020 - 16 Oct 2020)

General Documentation

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Programme of Work ON -LINE Programme of Work. Public closing of Friday, 15 October 2020, is broadcast on UN Web TV http://webtv.un.org/ View document  INT/CESCR/POW/68/31522 True32
Information from secretariatE/C.12/68/1Annotated provisional agenda View document  E/C.12/68/1 True93
Information from secretariatE/C.12/68/2 Status of submission of reports View document  E/C.12/68/2  True93
Information from secretariat Planned consideration of follow-up reports: Received: New Zealand View document  INT/CESCR/INF/68 (Virtual Session)/31928 True93
Information from secretariat Please note that, due to prevailing circumstances, the State party reviews have been postponed. Further information will be provided as it will become available.   INT/CESCR/INF/68/28087 False93
Information from secretariat  Due to technical difficulties the opening of the 68th Session is rescheduled to Wednesday 30 September (4 p.m. Gva time)   INT/CESCR/INF/68/31523 False93
Open/Closing Remarks   View document  INT/CESCR/OCR/68 (Virtual Session)/31980 True90

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/111/2019V. D. and othersSpain View document  E/C.12/68/D/111/2019 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/149/2019Luciano Daniel JuárezArgentina View document  E/C.12/68/D/149/2019 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/177/2020El Bahri and othersSpain View document  E/C.12/68/D/177/2020 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/45/2018A. M. O. and J. M. USpain View document  E/C.12/68/D/45/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/79/2018M. B. B.Spain View document  E/C.12/68/D/79/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/D/97/2019J. S. M. and othersSpain View document  E/C.12/68/D/97/2019 True
Follow-up on JurisprudenceE/C.12/68/3   View document  E/C.12/68/3 True


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