Deadlines for the submission of documentation

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Deadlines for the submission of documentation for CED  (Calendar View)

RegionCOUNTRYTreatyDocument typeSymbol/TitleDue dateSubmitted dateContact Person
Command item
Command item
AfricaBeninCEDState party's reportCED/C/BEN/102 Dec 201915 Sep
AfricaBurkina FasoCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/BFA/CO/1/Add.118 Mar 201723 Mar
AfricaBurkina FasoCEDState party's reportCED/C/BFA/123 Jan 201307 Oct
AfricaCentral African RepublicCEDState party's report 10 Nov 2018
AfricaGabonCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/GMB/AI/115 Apr 202102 Feb
AfricaGabonCEDCED - State Follow-up report CED/C/GAB/CO/1/Add.115 Sep 201826 Sep
AfricaGabonCEDState party's reportCED/C/GAB/119 Feb 201310 Jun
AfricaGambiaCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/GMB/RQ/125 Jan 2023
AfricaGambiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/GMB/127 Oct 202015 Mar
AfricaLesothoCEDState party's report 06 Jan 2016
AfricaMalawiCEDState party's report 13 Aug 2019
AfricaMaliCEDState party's report 23 Jan 2013
AfricaMaliCEDState party's reportCED/C/MLI/123 Dec 201205 Nov
AfricaNigerCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/NER/AI/108 Apr 2025
AfricaNigerCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/NER/RQ/130 Mar 2021
AfricaNigerCEDState party's reportCED/C/NER/123 Aug 201701 Aug
AfricaNigeriaCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/NGA/RQ/125 Jan 2023
AfricaNigeriaCEDState party's reportCED/C/NGA/123 Jan 201326 Mar
AfricaSenegalCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/SEN/CO/1/Add.117 Mar 201807 May
AfricaSenegalCEDState party's reportCED/C/SEN/123 Dec 201228 Apr
AfricaSeychellesCEDState party's report 17 Feb 2019
AfricaTogoCEDState party's report 21 Aug 2016
AfricaZambiaCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/ZMB/RQAR/130 Sep 2021
AfricaZambiaCEDState party's report 04 May 2013
AmericasArgentinaCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/ARG/AI/115 Nov 201918 Nov
AmericasArgentinaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ARG/CO/1/Add.115 Nov 201402 Feb
AmericasArgentinaCEDState party's reportCED/C/ARG/123 Jan 201321 Dec
AmericasBelizeCEDState party's report 13 Sep 2017
AmericasBolivia (Plurinational State of)CEDState party's reportCED/C/BOL/123 Dec 201220 Sep
AmericasBrazilCEDConcluding observationsCED/C/BRA/CO/124 Sep 202124 Sep
AmericasBrazilCEDState party's reportCED/C/BRA/129 Dec 201230 Jun
AmericasChileCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/CHL/FCO/118 Apr 202029 Apr
AmericasChileCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/CHL/Q/1/Add.120 Jan 201925 Jan
AmericasChileCEDState party's reportCED/C/CHL/123 Dec 201201 Dec
AmericasColombiaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/COL/FOAI/107 May 202207 May
AmericasColombiaCEDCED – Committee’s observations on additional informationCED/C/COL/OAI/107 May 202107 May
AmericasColombiaCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/COL/AI/114 Apr 201914 Apr
AmericasColombiaCEDCED - State Follow-up report CED/C/COL/CO/1/Add.114 Oct 201704 Oct
AmericasColombiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/COL/110 Aug 201417 Dec
AmericasCosta RicaCEDState party's reportCED/C/CRI/116 Mar 201407 May
AmericasCubaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/CUB/CO/1/Add.117 Mar 201813 Apr
AmericasCubaCEDState party's reportCED/C/CUB/123 Dec 201224 Apr
AmericasDominicaCEDState party's report 12 Jun 2021
AmericasEcuadorCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ECU/CO/1/Add.117 Mar 201823 Apr
AmericasEcuadorCEDState party's reportCED/C/ECU/123 Jan 201305 Jun
AmericasHondurasCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/HND/AI/101 Dec 202119 Jul
AmericasHondurasCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/HND/CO/1/Add.101 Jun 201911 Jun
AmericasHondurasCEDState party's reportCED/C/HND/123 Jan 201304 Feb
AmericasMexicoCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/MEX/AI/216 Nov 202114 Jan
AmericasMexicoCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/MEX/CO/1/Add.213 Feb 201820 Feb
AmericasMexicoCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/MEX/CO/1/Add.113 Feb 201625 Feb
AmericasMexicoCEDState party's reportCED/C/MEX/123 Jan 201311 Mar
AmericasPanamaCEDConcluding observationsCED/C/PAN/CO/124 Sep 202124 Sep
AmericasPanamaCEDSummary recordsCED/C/SR.36816 Sep 2021
AmericasPanamaCEDState party's reportCED/C/PAN/124 Jul 201330 Jun
AmericasParaguayCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/PRY/AI/115 Mar 2021
AmericasParaguayCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/PRY/CO/1/Add.126 Sep 201520 Oct
AmericasParaguayCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/PRY/Q/1/Add.115 Aug 201411 Sep
AmericasParaguayCEDState party's reportCED/C/PRY/123 Jan 201328 Aug
AmericasPeruCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/PER/Q/1/Add.121 Jan 201922 Feb
AmericasPeruCEDState party's reportCED/C/PER/126 Oct 201408 Aug
AmericasUruguayCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/URY/AI/119 Apr 201926 Jun
AmericasUruguayCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/URY/CO/1/Add.119 Apr 201414 Apr
AmericasUruguayCEDState party's reportCED/C/URY/123 Jan 201304 Sep
Asia PacificCambodiaCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/KHM/RQ/125 Jan 2023
Asia PacificCambodiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/KHM/127 Jul 201515 Jul
Asia PacificFijiCEDState party's report 18 Sep 2021
Asia PacificJapanCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/JPN/FCO/116 Nov 201926 Dec
Asia PacificJapanCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/JPN/Q/1/Add.115 Aug 201824 Sep
Asia PacificJapanCEDState party's reportCED/C/JPN/123 Jan 201322 Jul
Asia PacificMongoliaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/MNG/FCO/107 May 2022
Asia PacificMongoliaCEDConcluding observationsCED/C/MNG/CO/107 May 202107 May
Asia PacificMongoliaCEDState party's reportCED/C/MNG/114 Mar 201727 Dec
Asia PacificSamoaCEDState party's report 27 Dec 2014
Asia PacificSri LankaCEDState party's report 24 Jun 2018
Europe and Central AsiaAlbaniaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ALB/FCO/101 Jun 201924 May
Europe and Central AsiaAlbaniaCEDState party's reportCED/C/ALB/123 Dec 201211 Nov
Europe and Central AsiaArmeniaCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/ARM/AI/113 Feb 202108 Apr
Europe and Central AsiaArmeniaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ARM/CO/1/Add.113 Feb 201617 Jun
Europe and Central AsiaArmeniaCEDState party's reportCED/C/ARM/124 Feb 201314 Oct
Europe and Central AsiaAustriaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/AUT/FCO/101 Jun 201920 Jan
Europe and Central AsiaAustriaCEDState party's reportCED/C/AUT/107 Jul 201431 May
Europe and Central AsiaBelgiumCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/BEL/CO/1/Add.126 Sep 201508 Jan
Europe and Central AsiaBelgiumCEDState party's reportCED/C/BEL/102 Jul 201308 Jul
Europe and Central AsiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/BIH/CO/1/Add.114 Oct 201720 Oct
Europe and Central AsiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCEDState party's reportCED/C/BIH/129 Apr 201426 Jan
Europe and Central AsiaCzech RepublicCEDState party's reportCED/C/CZE/110 Mar 201922 May
Europe and Central AsiaFranceCEDCED – Committee’s observations on additional informationCED/C/FRA/OAI/124 Sep 202124 Sep
Europe and Central AsiaFranceCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/FRA/AI/119 Apr 201918 Apr
Europe and Central AsiaFranceCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/FRA/CO/1/Add.119 Apr 201418 Apr
Europe and Central AsiaFranceCEDState party's reportCED/C/FRA/123 Jan 201321 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaGermanyCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/DEU/AI/106 Jul 202003 Jul
Europe and Central AsiaGermanyCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/DEU/CO/1/Add.128 Mar 201514 Apr
Europe and Central AsiaGermanyCEDState party's reportCED/C/DEU/123 Jan 201325 Mar
Europe and Central AsiaGreeceCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/GRC/AI/107 Apr 2025
Europe and Central AsiaGreeceCEDReply to List of IssuesCED/C/GRC/RQ/128 Mar 202110 Aug
Europe and Central AsiaGreeceCEDState party's reportCED/C/GRC/108 Aug 201701 Feb
Europe and Central AsiaItalyCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ITA/FCO/118 Apr 202022 May
Europe and Central AsiaItalyCEDState party's reportCED/C/ITA/107 Nov 201722 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaKazakhstanCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/KAZ/CO/1/Add.118 Mar 201729 Mar
Europe and Central AsiaKazakhstanCEDState party's reportCED/C/KAZ/123 Jan 201303 Jun
Europe and Central AsiaLithuaniaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/LTU/CO/1/Add.115 Sep 201807 Sep
Europe and Central AsiaLithuaniaCEDState party's reportCED/C/LTU/114 Sep 201506 Oct
Europe and Central AsiaMaltaCEDState party's report 26 Apr 201721 Mar
Europe and Central AsiaMontenegroCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/MNE/AI/118 Sep 202126 Oct
Europe and Central AsiaMontenegroCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/MNE/CO/1/Add.118 Sep 201608 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaMontenegroCEDState party's reportCED/C/MNE/120 Oct 201330 Jan
Europe and Central AsiaNetherlandsCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/NLD/AI/128 Nov 202026 Nov
Europe and Central AsiaNetherlandsCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/NLD/CO/1/Add.128 Mar 201516 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaNetherlandsCEDState party's reportCED/C/NLD/124 May 201311 Jun
Europe and Central AsiaNorwayCEDState party's reportCED/C/NOR/121 Sep 202118 Nov
Europe and Central AsiaPortugalCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/PRT/FCO/1 16 Nov 201915 Nov
Europe and Central AsiaPortugalCEDState party's reportCED/C/PRT/126 Feb 201622 Jun
Europe and Central AsiaSerbiaCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/SRB/AI/113 Feb 202118 Jun
Europe and Central AsiaSerbiaCEDCED - State Follow-up report CED/C/SRB/CO/1/Add.113 Feb 201624 May
Europe and Central AsiaSerbiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/SRB/118 Jun 201330 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaSlovakiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/SVK/114 Jan 201726 Apr
Europe and Central AsiaSpainCEDConcluding observationsCED/C/ESP/OAI/124 Sep 202124 Sep
Europe and Central AsiaSpainCEDSummary records 17 Sep 2021
Europe and Central AsiaSpainCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/ESP/AI/115 Nov 201917 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaSpainCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/ESP/CO/1/Add.115 Nov 201416 Jan
Europe and Central AsiaSpainCEDState party's reportCED/C/ESP/123 Jan 201326 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaSwitzerlandCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/CHE/FCO/107 May 2022
Europe and Central AsiaSwitzerlandCEDConcluding observationsCED/C/CHE/CO/107 May 202107 May
Europe and Central AsiaSwitzerlandCEDState party's reportCED/C/CHE/101 Jan 201921 Dec
Europe and Central AsiaUkraineCEDState party's reportCED/C/UKR/113 Sep 201703 Aug
Middle East and North AfricaIraqCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/IRQ/FOAI/125 Nov 202130 Nov
Middle East and North AfricaIraqCEDCED - State report: additional informationCED/C/IRQ/AI/118 Sep 201801 Aug
Middle East and North AfricaIraqCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/IRQ/CO/1/Add.118 Sep 201615 Feb
Middle East and North AfricaIraqCEDState party's reportCED/C/IRQ/123 Jan 201326 Jun
Middle East and North AfricaMauritaniaCEDState party's reportCED/C/MRT/103 Nov 201429 Dec
Middle East and North AfricaMoroccoCEDState party's reportCED/C/MAR/114 Jun 201510 Sep
Middle East and North AfricaOmanCEDState party's report 12 Jul 2022
Middle East and North AfricaTunisiaCEDCED - State Follow-up reportCED/C/TUN/CO/1/Add.118 Mar 201724 Mar
Middle East and North AfricaTunisiaCEDState party's reportCED/C/TUN/1 29 Jul 201325 Sep


The Treaty Body Database contains all public documents adopted or received by the human rights treaty bodies. Although the Database is updated regularly and attempts to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data displayed on these web pages, it may still contain some inaccuracies, which will have to be corrected over the next months. Clarifications or further information can be sought directly from the relevant Secretariat.