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Statement by the Committee on Enforced Disappearances on the ratione temporis element in the review of reports submitted by States Parties under the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance实质性发言《免遭失踪公约》    查看文件  E           INT_CED_SUS_7250_E.pdf     INT/CED/SUS/7250 True68
CRC welcomes Charles Taylor conviction as deterrent to use of children in armed conflict 实质性发言《儿童权利公约》    查看文件  E           INT_CRC_SUS_7211_E.docx     INT/CRC/SUS/7211 True68
Statement read by the Chair during the Third Committee at the 68th Session of the General Assembly实质性发言《经社文权利公约》    查看文件  E           INT_CESCR_SUS_7186_E.doc     INT/CESCR/SUS/7186 True68
CRC Chair Oral Statement to the 68th session of the General Assembly - 12 October 2013实质性发言《儿童权利公约》    查看文件                    INT/CRC/SUS/7189
Girls’ education: Committee on Rights of the Child stresses importance of practical help实质性发言《儿童权利公约》    查看文件                    INT/CRC/SUS/7197
Committee on the Rights of the Child remembers former member Lucy Smith 实质性发言《儿童权利公约》    查看文件  E           INT_CRC_SUS_7196_E.docx     INT/CRC/SUS/7196 True68
UN Committee on the Rights of the Child appalled by killing of Syrian children in alleged chemical attack实质性发言《儿童权利公约》    查看文件                    INT/CRC/SUS/7195
Statement of the Committee against Torture, adopted at its fiftieth session, on the guidelines on the independence and impartiality of members of the human rights treaty bodies (“the Addis Ababa Guidelines”) and the amendments to its Rules of Procedure实质性发言《禁止酷刑公约》 CAT/C/50/4  查看文件        E SAC CAT_C_50_4_5815_E.doc     CAT/C/50/4 True68
移徙工人委员会关于移徙工人权利的声明:10年进步卓著,但仍存在巨大挑战实质性发言《移徙工人权利公约》    查看文件                    INT/CMW/SUS/7128
Decision of the Committee on the request of Romania under paragraph 2 of article 24 of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture实质性发言《禁止酷刑公约》 CAT/C/49/4  查看文件        E SACR      CAT/C/49/4 True68