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委员会第四十八届会议(2012 年4 月30 日至5月18 日)就 里约+20 可持续发展大会“可持续发展和消除贫穷背景下 实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2012/1  查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2012/1 True68
Statement on the Importance and Relevance of the Right to Development, adopted on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development (46th Session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2011/2  查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2011/2 True68
Statement on the obligations of States Parties regarding the corporate sector and economic, social and cultural rights (46th session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2011/1  查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2011/1 True68
Statement of the Committee on the Right to Sanitation (45th session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2010/1  查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2010/1 True68
Statement of the Committee on the world food crisis (40th session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2008/1  查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2008/1 True68
Statement by the Committee: An evaluation of the obligation to take steps to the "Maximum of available resources" under an optional protocol to the Covenant (thirty-eighth session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2007/1  查看文件        E S  R      E/C.12/2007/1 True68
Statement of the Committee to the Commission on Sustainable Development acting as the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit for Sustainable Development (Bali, Indonesia, 27 May-7 June 2002) (twenty-eighth session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2002/13 paras. Annex VI2002年05月17日 查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2002/13 True68
Statement of the Committee to the special session of the General Assembly for an overall review and appraisal of the implementation of the decisions taken at the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) (New York, 6 to 8 June 2001) (twenty-fifth session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2001/17 paras. Annex XI1995年12月06日 查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2001/17 True68
Poverty and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Statement of the Committee to the Third United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (twenty-fifth session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2001/17 paras. Annex VII2001年05月04日 查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2001/17 True68
Statement of the Committee to the International Consultative Conference on School Education in Relation to Freedom of Religion and Belief, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (twenty-seventh session)实质性发言《经社文权利公约》 E/C.12/2001/17 paras. Annex XII2001年11月12日 查看文件        E SACR      E/C.12/2001/17 True68