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General comment No. 8 (2022) on the right of persons with disabilities to work and employment-Advance Unedited VersionGeneral Comment/recommendationCRPD CRPD/C/GC/809 Sep 2022 View document  E           CRPD_C_GC_8_9591_E.docx     CRPD/C/GC/8 True11
General Recommendation No.36 . Preventing and Combating Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement Officials - Frequently Asked Questions General Comment/recommendationCERD  06 Oct 2021 View document  E           INT_CERD_GEC_9463_E.docx     INT/CERD/GEC/9463 True11
Guidelines on the elaboration of General RecommendationsGeneral Comment/recommendationCERD CERD/C/50427 Aug 2021 View document        E SACR      CERD/C/504 True11
GENERAL COMMENT NO. 25 (2021) ON CHILDREN'S RIGHTS IN RELATION TO THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENTGeneral Comment/recommendationCRC CRC/C/GC/2524 Mar 2021 View document        E SACR      CRC/C/GC/25 True11
General Recommendation No.36 . Preventing and Combating Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement OfficialsGeneral Comment/recommendationCERD CERD/C/GC/3624 Nov 2020 View document        E SACRCERD_C_GC_36_9291_E.pdf     CERD/C/GC/36 True11
General recommendation No. 38 (2020) on trafficking in women and girls in the context of global migrationGeneral Comment/recommendationCEDAW CEDAW/C/GC/3805 Nov 2020 View document        E SACRCEDAW_C_GC_38_9278_E.docx     CEDAW/C/GC/38 True11
General Comment No. 37 on Article 21 (Right of peaceful assembly) General Comment/recommendationCCPR CCPR/C/GC/3723 Jul 2020 View document        E SACRCCPR_C_GC_37_9233_E.docx     CCPR/C/GC/37 True11
General comment No. 25 (2020) on science and economic, social and cultural rights (article 15 (1) (b), (2), (3) and (4) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsGeneral Comment/recommendationCESCR E/C.12/GC/2506 Mar 2020 View document        E SACR      E/C.12/GC/25 True11
General comment No. 24 (2019) on children’s rights in the child justice systemGeneral Comment/recommendationCRC CRC/C/GC/2418 Sep 2019 View document        E SACRCRC_C_GC_24_8968_E.docx     CRC/C/GC/24 True11
General comment No. 36 - Article 6 (the right to life)General Comment/recommendationCCPR CCPR/C/GC/3602 Nov 2018 View document        E SACRCCPR_C_GC_36_8785_E.pdf     CCPR/C/GC/36 True11


The Treaty Body Database contains all public documents adopted or received by the human rights treaty bodies. Although the Database is updated regularly and attempts to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data displayed on these web pages, it may still contain some inaccuracies, which will have to be corrected over the next months. Clarifications or further information can be sought directly from the relevant Secretariat.