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COMMUNICATION NO. 2809/2016 : DECISION/VIEWSJurisprudenceCCPRRepublic of KoreaCCPR/C/130/D/2809/201630 Oct 2020 View document  E       SA RCCPR_C_130_D_2809_2016_32509_E.docx     CCPR/C/130/D/2809/2016 True17
COMMUNICATION NO. 2776/2016: DECISION/VIEWSJurisprudenceCCPRRepublic of KoreaCCPR/C/130/D/2776/201623 Oct 2020 View document  E       SA RCCPR_C_130_D_2776_2016_32508_E.docx     CCPR/C/130/D/2776/2016 True17
 Follow-up letter sent to the State partyCERDRepublic of Korea 24 Nov 2020 View document  E           INT_CERD_FUL_KOR_43708_E.pdf     INT/CERD/FUL/KOR/43708 True94
REPUBLIC OF KOREA: FOLLOW-UP TO CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONSState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCERDRepublic of KoreaCERD/C/KOR/FCO/17-1922 Jan 2020 View document        E S   INT_CERD_FCO_KOR_41194_E.docx     CERD/C/KOR/FCO/17-19 True46
South Korean NGOs Coalition Follow-up Information from other sources CERDRepublic of Korea 27 Feb 2020 View document  E           INT_CERD_NGO_KOR_43365_E.docx     INT/CERD/NGO/KOR/43365 True96
COMMUNICATION NO. 2846/2016: DECISIONJurisprudenceCCPRRepublic of KoreaCCPR/C/128/D/2846/201613 Mar 2020 View document        E SACRCCPR_C_128_D_2846_2016_31637_E.docx     CCPR/C/128/D/2846/2016 True17
COMMUNICATION NO. 2939/2017: DECISIONJurisprudenceCCPRRepublic of KoreaCCPR/C/128/D/2939/201713 Mar 2020 View document        E SACRCCPR_C_128_D_2939_2017_31646_E.docx     CCPR/C/128/D/2939/2017 True17
REPUBLIC OF KOREA: LIST OF ISSUES PRIOR TO REPORTINGList of issues prior to reporting (LoIPR)CATRepublic of KoreaCAT/C/KOR/QPR/607 May 2020 View document        E S   CAT_C_KOR_QPR_6_42199_E.pdf     CAT/C/KOR/QPR/6 True25
Information received by the Republic of Korea on follow-up to the concluding observations on the combined fifth to eight periodic reportsState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCEDAWRepublic of KoreaCEDAW/C/KOR/FCO/818 Mar 2020 View document        E S   CEDAW_C_KOR_FCO_8_41858_E.docx     CEDAW/C/KOR/FCO/8 True46
NGO Joint submissionInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) CATRepublic of Korea   View document  E           INT_CAT_ICS_KOR_41686_E.pdf     INT/CAT/ICS/KOR/41686 True141


The Treaty Body Database contains all public documents adopted or received by the human rights treaty bodies. Although the Database is updated regularly and attempts to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data displayed on these web pages, it may still contain some inaccuracies, which will have to be corrected over the next months. Clarifications or further information can be sought directly from the relevant Secretariat.