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CRC-OP-SC - Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children child prostitution and child pornography

71 Pre-Sessional Working Group (15 Jun 2015 - 19 Jun 2015)

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Command item

Cuba Cuba   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report92644
CubaState party's reportCRC/C/OPSC/CUB/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/CUB/1 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 92644
Cuba(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.84 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.84 True
ExpandList of issues92644
CubaList of issuesCRC/C/OPSC/CUB/Q/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/CUB/Q/1 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues92644
CubaReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/OPSC/CUB/Q/1/Add.1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/CUB/Q/1/Add.1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations92644
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsAPC CONTRIBUCIÓN View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21225 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsAPC-CONTRIBUCIÓN View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21447 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsAPC-CONTRIBUCIÓN1 View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21446 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCESJ contribución View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21226 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCESJ-contribución View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21443 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsComentarios ACDEI a Reply Cuba a Lista Cuestiones OPSC (1) View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21597 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsConflictos-armadosCruz-Roja View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21441 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCONTRIBUCION FMC View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21224 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsContribución-de-la-Sociedad-Cubana-de-Pediatría View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21445 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsContribución-del-Centro-Oscar-Arnulfo-Romero View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21442 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsContribución-escrita-de-la-ACNU-conflictos-armados View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21440 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCONTRIBUCION-FMC-I View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21451 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCONTRIBUCION-FMC-I1 View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21450 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsContribución-protocolo-facultativo-a-la-venta-de-niñosACNU View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21448 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCuba OPSC Contribución ACNU View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21208 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCuba OPSC Contribución de la Sociedad Cubana de Pediatría Protoloco Prostitucion View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21209 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCuba OPSC contribución del Centro Oscar Arnulfo Romero View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21207 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsCuba_ACDI_OPSC report View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/20429 True
CubaInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsSociedad Cubana Multidisciplinaria para el Estudio de la Sexualidad (SOCUMES) View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/NGO/CUB/21449 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants92644
CubaList of delegation/participants2015. 09. 15. NV. 569 - Cuban Delegation CRC OPSC and OPAC 2015 View document  INT/CRC-OP-SC/LOP/CUB/21675 True
ExpandConcluding observations92644
CubaConcluding observationsCRC/C/OPSC/CUB/CO/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/CUB/CO/1 True

Peru Peru   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report926136
PeruState party's reportCRC/C/OPSC/PER/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/PER/1 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 926136
Peru(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/PER/2010 View document  HRI/CORE/PER/2010 True
Peru(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.43/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.43/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues926136
PeruList of issuesCRC/C/OPSC/PER/Q/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/PER/Q/1 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues926136
PeruReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/OPSC/PER/Q/1/ADD.1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/PER/Q/1/ADD.1 True
ExpandConcluding observations926136
PeruConcluding observationsCRC/C/OPSC/PER/CO/1 View document  CRC/C/OPSC/PER/CO/1 True


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