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CRC - Convention on the Rights of the Child

71 Pre-Sessional Working Group (08 Jun 2015 - 12 Jun 2015)

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Benin Benin   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87819
BeninState party's reportCRC/C/BEN/3-5 View document  CRC/C/BEN/3-5 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 87819
Benin(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.85 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.85 True
ExpandList of issues87819
BeninList of issuesCRC/C/BEN/Q/3-5 View document  CRC/C/BEN/Q/3-5 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues87819
BeninReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/BEN/3-5/Add.1 View document  CRC/C/BEN/3-5/Add.1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations87819
BeninInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsBenin_Global Initiative View document  INT/CRC/NGO/BEN/22644 True
BeninInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsBenin_IBFAN_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/BEN/22505 True
BeninInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsBenin_Rapport-alternatif_FI_Franciscans_Session_Auto View document  INT/CRC/NGO/BEN/22506 True
BeninInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsBenin_Réaction-des-ONG-CLOSE View document  INT/CRC/NGO/BEN/22645 True
BeninStatementStatement to CRC Benin View document  INT/CRC/STA/BEN/22789 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants87819
BeninList of delegation/participantsList of delegation Benin View document  INT/CRC/LOP/BEN/22698 True
ExpandConcluding observations87819
BeninConcluding observationsCRC/C/BEN/CO/3-5 View document  CRC/C/BEN/CO/3-5 True

Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87825
Brunei DarussalamState party's reportCRC/C/BRN/2-3 View document  CRC/C/BRN/2-3 True
ExpandList of issues87825
Brunei DarussalamList of issuesCRC/C/BRN/Q/2-3 View document  CRC/C/BRN/Q/2-3 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues87825
Brunei DarussalamReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/BRN/Q/2-3/Add.1 View document  CRC/C/BRN/Q/2-3/Add.1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations87825
Brunei DarussalamInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsBrunei_NGO_GlobalInitiativeCorpPunishment_PSWG View document  INT/CRC/NGO/BRN/19716 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants87825
Brunei DarussalamList of delegation/participantsDelegation of Brunei Darussalam to the Committee on the Rights of the Child View document  INT/CRC/LOP/BRN/22729 True
ExpandConcluding observations87825
Brunei DarussalamConcluding observationsCRC/C/BRN/CO/2-3 View document  CRC/C/BRN/CO/2-3 True

France France   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87862
FranceState party's reportCRC/C/FRA/5 View document  CRC/C/FRA/5 True
ExpandAnnex to State party report87862
FranceAnnex to State party report  View document  INT/CRC/ADR/FRA/20408 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 87862
France(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.17/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.17/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues87862
FranceList of issuesCRC/C/FRA/Q/5 View document  CRC/C/FRA/Q/5 True
ExpandAnnex to Reply to List of Issues87862
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 1 Lettre de mission France stratégie View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/21983 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 10 3ème Plan-autisme2013-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22259 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 10 bis Rapport d etape - mise en oeuvre Plan Autisme 2013-2015 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22279 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 11 - Plaquettes hacrèlement-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22280 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 12 guide-cyberharcelement_190586_Session View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22633 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 12 Lutte cyber violence_Session View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22634 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 13 Réponse Timothée DINCHER View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22281 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 14 Note d'orientation PJJ-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22282 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 15 guide-parent-famille_justice-2 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22283 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 16 Bilan plan national d'action contre le suicide 2011-2014-3 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22284 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 16 Bilan plan national d'action contre le suicide 2011-2014-3 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22285 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 17 ecole inclusive dossier complet-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22286 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 19 n° 156 essentiel - Prestations légales-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22287 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 2 - Feuille de route protection enfance 2015-2017 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/21984 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 20 Etudes INSEE pauvreté septembre 2015 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22641 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 21 bis Evacuation campement Châtenay-Malabry View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22642 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesANnexe 21_feuille de route 2015-2017 plan_pauvrete-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22288 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 22 guide diagnoctic campements mars 2014 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22289 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 23 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22290 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 24 guide prise en charge des mineurs victimes View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22292 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 25 statistiques janvier 2015-1 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22291 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 26 Plan-daction-national-contre-la-traite-des-êtres-humains View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22294 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 27 View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22295 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of Issuesannexe 4 Rapport France convention 182 OIT View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/21987 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 5 convention 2013 égalite FG View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22255 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 6 Parcours Avenir View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22256 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 7 Parcours citoyen View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22257 True
FranceAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnexe 8 Données personnels élèves View document  INT/CRC/ARL/FRA/22258 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues87862
FranceReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/FRA/5/Add.1 View document  CRC/C/FRA/5/Add.1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations87862
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_ Collectif Ensemble contre la traite des êtres humains_Session_P View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22509 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_Acte_d_accusation_Tribunal-enfants-Roms_vf_session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22604 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_AEDE_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/20005 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_AllianceAutiste_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19702 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_Autisme France_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19734 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_CGLPL_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19807 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_CNRBE_CRC Report (annexes available upon request to Secretariat) View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/20047 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_COFRADE_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19696 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_Collectif Ensemble contre la traite des êtres humains_EN-court-_Rapport_alternatif_Session_P View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22510 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_EU Agency for fundamental rights input_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22594 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_EU Agency for fundamental rights_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22593 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_IBFAN_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22504 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_NGO_GlobalInitiativeCorpPunishment_PSWG View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19717 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_PEMREF - ONU RAPPORT AUDIENCE_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22460 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_PEMREF BILAN 2013 2014_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22461 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_Terre d'asile_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19815 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_UNICEF_CRC Report View document  INT/CRC/IFU/FRA/19694 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance_Voix De l'Enfant_CRC (integr.OPSC) Report View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/19697 True
FranceInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsFrance-NGO-Zwischengeschlecht-Intersex-IGM_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/FRA/22602 True
ExpandInfo from NHRIs87862
FranceInfo from NHRIsFrance_Contribution CNCDH - session View document  INT/CRC/IFN/FRA/21378 True
FranceInfo from NHRIsFrance_Rapport DDD - ONU - CIDE (TRANS ENG) View document  INT/CRC/IFN/FRA/22606 True
FranceStatementIntervention Ministre - examen de la France devant le CIDE View document  INT/CRC/STA/FRA/22723 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants87862
FranceList of delegation/participantsCRC - Délégation française - 13-14 janvier 2016 View document  INT/CRC/LOP/FRA/22652 True
ExpandConcluding observations87862
FranceConcluding observationsCRC/C/FRA/CO/5 View document  CRC/C/FRA/CO/5 True

Gabon Gabon   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87863
GabonState party's reportCRC/C/GAB/2 View document  CRC/C/GAB/2 True
ExpandList of issues87863
GabonList of issuesCRC/C/GAB/Q/2 View document  CRC/C/GAB/Q/2 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations87863
GabonInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsGabon_NGO_GlobalInitiativeCorpPunishment_PSWG View document  INT/CRC/NGO/GAB/19718 True
GabonInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsGabon_NGO_IBFAN Submission+Annex_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/GAB/23848 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants87863
GabonList of delegation/participantsGabon_Delegation List_Session View document  INT/CRC/LOP/GAB/23982 True
ExpandConcluding observations87863
GabonConcluding observationsCRC/C/GAB/CO/2 View document  CRC/C/GAB/CO/2 True

Haiti Haiti   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87874
HaitiState party's reportCRC/C/HTI/2-3 View document  CRC/C/HTI/2-3 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 87874
Haiti(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.113 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.113 True
ExpandList of issues87874
HaitiList of issuesCRC/C/HTI/Q/2-3 View document  CRC/C/HTI/Q/2-3 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues87874
HaitiReply to List of IssuesCRC/C/HTI/Q/2-3/Add.1 View document  CRC/C/HTI/Q/2-3/Add.1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations87874
HaitiInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsHaiti_La Coalition des Organisations Haïtiennes de défense et de promotion des Droits Humains_Rapport Additif_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/HTI/22568 True
HaitiInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsHaiti_NGO_GlobalInitiativeCorpPunishment_PSWG View document  INT/CRC/NGO/HTI/19719 True
HaitiInfo from Civil Society OrganizationsHaiti_rapport-alternatif-CDE-OPC-dec2015_Session View document  INT/CRC/NGO/HTI/22581 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants87874
HaitiList of delegation/participantsDelegation of Haiti View document  INT/CRC/LOP/HTI/22699 True
ExpandConcluding observations87874
HaitiConcluding observationsCRC/C/HTI/CO/2-3 View document  CRC/C/HTI/CO/2-3 True

Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of)   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report87881
Iran (Islamic Republic of)State party's reportCRC/C/IRN/3-4 View document  CRC/C/IRN/3-4 True
ExpandList of issues87881