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CCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

85 Session (17 Oct 2005 - 03 Nov 2005)

General Documentation

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Provisional AgendaCCPR/C/157Provisional agenda and annotations View document  CCPR/C/157 True21
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2310[Compte rendu analytique partiel de la 2310e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2310 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2322[Compte rendu analytique de la 2322e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2322 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2323Summary record of the first part (public) of the 2323rd meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.2323 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2335/Add.1Summary record of the second part (public) of the 2335th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.2335/Add.1 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2336[Compte rendu analytique de la 2336e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2336 True69

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Brazil Brazil   

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ExpandState party's report44024
BrazilState party's reportCCPR/C/81/Add.6 View document  CCPR/C/81/Add.6 True
BrazilState party's reportCCPR/C/BRA/2004/2 View document  CCPR/C/BRA/2004/2 True
ExpandFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding Observations44024
BrazilFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/95/2 View document  CCPR/C/95/2 True
BrazilFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/96/2 View document  CCPR/C/96/2 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 44024
Brazil(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.53/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.53/Rev.1 True
Brazil(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.53/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.53/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues44024
BrazilList of issuesCCPR/C/Q/BRA/1   CCPR/C/Q/BRA/1 False
BrazilList of issuesCCPR/C/85/L/BRA View document  CCPR/C/85/L/BRA True
ExpandConcluding observations44024
BrazilConcluding observationsCCPR/C/BRA/CO/2 View document  CCPR/C/BRA/CO/2 True
BrazilConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.66 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.66 True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations44024
BrazilState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/BRA/CO/2/Add.1 View document  CCPR/C/BRA/CO/2/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records44024
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2326 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2326 True
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2325 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2325 True

Canada Canada   

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ExpandState party's report44031
CanadaState party's reportCCPR/C/CAN/2004/5 View document  CCPR/C/CAN/2004/5 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 44031
Canada(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.91 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.91 True
ExpandList of issues44031
CanadaList of issuesCCPR/C/85/L/CAN View document  CCPR/C/85/L/CAN True
ExpandConcluding observations44031
CanadaConcluding observationsCCPR/C/CAN/CO/5 View document  CCPR/C/CAN/CO/5 True
ExpandSummary records44031
CanadaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2313   CCPR/C/SR.2313 False
CanadaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2328   CCPR/C/SR.2328 False
CanadaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2330   CCPR/C/SR.2330 False
CanadaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2312 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2312 True

Italy Italy   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report44085
ItalyState party's reportCCPR/C/ITA/2004/5 View document  CCPR/C/ITA/2004/5 True
ExpandList of issues44085
ItalyList of issuesCCPR/C/84/L/ITA View document  CCPR/C/84/L/ITA True
ExpandConcluding observations44085
ItalyConcluding observationsCCPR/C/ITA/CO/5 View document  CCPR/C/ITA/CO/5 True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations44085
ItalyState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/ITA/CO/5/Add.1 View document  CCPR/C/ITA/CO/5/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records44085
ItalySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2318 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2318 True
ItalySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2317 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2317 True

Paraguay Paraguay   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report440135
ParaguayState party's reportCCPR/C/PRY/2004/2 View document  CCPR/C/PRY/2004/2 True
ExpandFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding Observations440135
ParaguayFollow-up Report of the Special Rapporteur on follow-up on Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/95/2 View document  CCPR/C/95/2 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 440135
Paraguay(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.24 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.24 True
ExpandList of issues440135
ParaguayList of issuesCCPR/C/85/L/PRY View document  CCPR/C/85/L/PRY True
ExpandConcluding observations440135
ParaguayConcluding observationsCCPR/C/PRY/CO/2 View document  CCPR/C/PRY/CO/2 True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations440135
ParaguayState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/PRY/CO/2/ADD.1 View document  CCPR/C/PRY/CO/2/ADD.1 True
ExpandFollow-up letter sent to the State party440135
ParaguayFollow-up letter sent to the State party  View document  INT/CCPR/FUL/PRY/11921 True
ExpandSummary records440135
ParaguaySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2314 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2314 True
ParaguaySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2316 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2316 True
ParaguaySummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2315 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2315 True

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1012/2001 Brian John Lawrence BurgessAustralia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1012/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1022/2001 Vladimir VelichkinBelarus View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1022/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1030/2001 Dimitar Atanasov DimitrovBulgaria View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1030/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1034-1035/2001 Dusan SoltesCzech Republic View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1034-1035/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1034-1035/2001 Dusan SoltesSlovakia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1034-1035/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1036/2001 Bernadette FaureAustralia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1036/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1042/2001 Abdukarim BoimurodovTajikistan View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1042/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1054/2002 Zdenek KrízCzech Republic View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1054/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1056/2002 Svetlana KhachatrianArmenia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1056/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1058/2002 Antonino Vargas MásPeru View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1058/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1059/2002 Héctor Luciano Carvallo VillarSpain View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1059/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1078/2002 Norma YurichChile View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1078/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1103/2002 Jaime Castro OrtízColombia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1103/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1125/2002 Jorge Luis Quispe Roque Peru View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1125/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1126/2002 Marlem Carranza AlegrePeru View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1126/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1132/2002 Webby ChisangaZambia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1132/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1152 & 1190/2003 Equatorial Guinea View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1152 & 1190/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1152&1190/2003 Patricio Ndong Bee and María Jesús Bikene ObiangEquatorial Guinea View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1152&1190/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1152,1190/2003 Equatorial Guinea View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1152,1190/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1153/2003 Karen Noelia Llantoy HuamánPeru View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1153/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1180/2003 Zeljko BodrozicSerbia View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1180/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1218/2003 Andrei PlatonovRussian Federation View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1218/2003 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1238/2004 G. J. Jongenburger-VeermanNetherlands View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1238/2004 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1249/2004 Sister Immaculate Joseph and 80 Teaching Sisters of the Holy Cross of the Third Order of Saint Francis in Menzingen of Sri LankaSri Lanka View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1249/2004 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1279/2004 Moleni Fa'aaliga and Faatupu Fa'aaligaNew Zealand View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1279/2004 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1283/2004 Adela Calle SavignyFrance View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1283/2004 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1323/2004 Amando Lozano Aráez, Francisco Aguilar Martínez, José Lozano Rodríguez, Felicita Baño Franco and Juana Baño FrancoSpain View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1323/2004 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1396/2005 Jesús Rivera FernándezSpain View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1396/2005 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1400/2005 Nicole Beydon and 19 other members of the association "DIH Mouvement de protestation civique"France View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1400/2005 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1417/2005 J.O., Z.S, and their daughter S. O.Belgium View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1417/2005 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/1420/2005 Eugene LinderFinland View document  CCPR/C/85/D/1420/2005 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/862/1999 Hazerat Hussain and Sumintra SinghGuyana View document  CCPR/C/85/D/862/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/907/2000 Nazira SiragevaUzbekistan View document  CCPR/C/85/D/907/2000 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/913/2000 Lawrence ChanGuyana View document  CCPR/C/85/D/913/2000 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/985/2001 Kholinisso AliboevaTajikistan View document  CCPR/C/85/D/985/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/85/D/993-995/2001 Gabriel Crippa, Jean-Louis Masson and Marie-Joe ZimmermannFrance View document  CCPR/C/85/D/993-995/2001 True


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