CCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

76 Session (21 Oct 2002 - 08 Nov 2002)

General Documentation

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Provisional AgendaCCPR/C/148Provisional Agenda and annotations View document  CCPR/C/148 True21
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2043[Compte rendu analytique (partiel) de la 2043e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2043 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2045[Compte rendu analytique de la 2045e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2045 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2051[Compte rendu analytique de la première partie (publique) de la 2051e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2051 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2057[Compte rendu analytique de la 2057e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2057 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2063[Compte rendu analytique de la 2063e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2063 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2065[Compte rendu analytique de la première partie (publique) de la 2065e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2065 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2068Summary record of the first part (public) of the 2068th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.2068 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.2069/Add.1[Compte rendu analytique de la deuxième partie (publique) de la 2069e séance] View document  CCPR/C/SR.2069/Add.1 True69

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Egypt Egypt   

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ExpandState party's report32054
EgyptState party's reportCCPR/C/EGY/2001/3 View document  CCPR/C/EGY/2001/3 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 32054
Egypt(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.19 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.19 True
ExpandList of issues32054
EgyptList of issuesCCPR/C/76/L/EGY View document  CCPR/C/76/L/EGY True
ExpandReply to List of Issues32054
EgyptReply to List of IssuesCCPR/C/76/L/EGY/Resp.1   CCPR/C/76/L/EGY/Resp.1 False
ExpandConcluding observations32054
EgyptConcluding observationsCCPR/CO/76/EGY View document  CCPR/CO/76/EGY True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations32054
EgyptState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.2 View document  CCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.2 True
EgyptState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.3 View document  CCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.3 True
EgyptState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.1 View document  CCPR/CO/76/EGY/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records32054
EgyptSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2067   CCPR/C/SR.2067 False
EgyptSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2049 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2049 True
EgyptSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2048 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2048 True
EgyptSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2050 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2050 True

Togo Togo   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report320175
TogoState party's reportCCPR/C/TGO/2001/3 View document  CCPR/C/TGO/2001/3 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 320175
Togo(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.38/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.38/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues320175
TogoList of issuesCCPR/C/75/L/TGO View document  CCPR/C/75/L/TGO True
ExpandConcluding observations320175
TogoConcluding observationsCCPR/CO/76/TGO View document  CCPR/CO/76/TGO True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations320175
TogoState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/CO/76/TGO/Add.1 View document  CCPR/CO/76/TGO/Add.1 True
ExpandSummary records320175
TogoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2064   CCPR/C/SR.2064 False
TogoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2053 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2053 True
TogoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.2052 View document  CCPR/C/SR.2052 True

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/1001/2001Jacobus Gerardus StrikNetherlands View document  CCPR/C/76/D/1001/2001 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/1114/2002Joseph KavanaghIreland View document  CCPR/C/76/D/1114/2002 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/1114/2002/Rev.1 Ireland View document  CCPR/C/76/D/1114/2002/Rev.1 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/726/1996Tatiana ZheludkovaUkraine View document  CCPR/C/76/D/726/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/757/1997Alzbeta PezoldovaCzech Republic View document  CCPR/C/76/D/757/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/771/1997Alexander BaulinRussian Federation View document  CCPR/C/76/D/771/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/778/1997José Antonio Coronel et al.Colombia View document  CCPR/C/76/D/778/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/838/1998Oral HendricksGuyana View document  CCPR/C/76/D/838/1998 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/852/1999Rostislav BorisenkoHungary View document  CCPR/C/76/D/852/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/864/1999Alfonso Ruiz AgudoSpain View document  CCPR/C/76/D/864/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/876/1999L. Yama and N. KhalidSlovakia View document  CCPR/C/76/D/876/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/881/1999Robert CollinsAustralia View document  CCPR/C/76/D/881/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/890/1999Emmerich KrausserAustria View document  CCPR/C/76/D/890/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/900/1999C.Australia View document  CCPR/C/76/D/900/1999 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/76/D/942/2000Jarle Jonassen and members of the Riast/Hylling reindeer herding districtNorway View document  CCPR/C/76/D/942/2000 True


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