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CCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

66 Session (12 Jul 1999 - 30 Jul 1999)

General Documentation

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Provisional AgendaCCPR/C/138Provisional agenda and annotations View document  CCPR/C/138 True21
DecisionA/54/40Recent decisions on procedures View document  A/54/40 True58
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1754Summary record of the 1754th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1754 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1755Summary record of the first part of the 1755th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1755 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1755/Add.1Summary record of the second part of the 1755th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1755/Add.1 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1778Summary record of the 1778th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1778 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1780Summary record of the 1780th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1780 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1781Summary record of the first part of the 1781st meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1781 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1782/Add.1Summary record of the second part of the 1782nd meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1782/Add.1 True69

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Cambodia Cambodia   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report30029
CambodiaState party's reportCCPR/C/81/Add.12 View document  CCPR/C/81/Add.12 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 30029
Cambodia(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.94 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.94 True
ExpandConcluding observations30029
CambodiaConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.108 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.108 True
ExpandSummary records30029
CambodiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1771   CCPR/C/SR.1771 False
CambodiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1758 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1758 True
CambodiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1759 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1759 True
CambodiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1760 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1760 True
CambodiaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1770 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1770 True

Mexico Mexico   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report300112
MexicoState party's reportCCPR/C/123/Add.1 View document  CCPR/C/123/Add.1 True
MexicoAddendumCCPR/C/123/Add.2 View document  CCPR/C/123/Add.2 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 300112
Mexico(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.12/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.12/Rev.1 True
ExpandConcluding observations300112
MexicoConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.109 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.109 True
ExpandState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding Observations300112
MexicoState Party report on Follow-up to Concluding ObservationsCCPR/C/79/Add.123 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.123 True
ExpandSummary records300112
MexicoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1771   CCPR/C/SR.1771 False
MexicoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1772   CCPR/C/SR.1772 False
MexicoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1773   CCPR/C/SR.1773 False
MexicoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1762 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1762 True
MexicoSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1763 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1763 True

Poland Poland   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report300138
PolandState party's reportCCPR/C/95/Add.8 View document  CCPR/C/95/Add.8 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 300138
Poland(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.25/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.25/Rev.1 True
ExpandConcluding observations300138
PolandConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.110 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.110 True
ExpandSummary records300138
PolandSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1764 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1764 True
PolandSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1765 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1765 True
PolandSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1779 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1779 True

Romania Romania   

 Document type
ExpandState party's report300143
RomaniaState party's reportCCPR/C/95/Add.7 View document  CCPR/C/95/Add.7 True
ExpandAnnex to State party report300143
RomaniaAnnex to State party reportCCPR/C/95/ADD.12/CORR.1 View document  CCPR/C/95/ADD.12/CORR.1 True
RomaniaAnnex to State party reportCCPR/C/95/Add.12 View document  CCPR/C/95/Add.12 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 300143
Romania(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.13/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.13/Rev.1 True
ExpandConcluding observations300143
RomaniaConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.111 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.111 True
ExpandSummary records300143
RomaniaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1766 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1766 True
RomaniaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1767 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1767 True
RomaniaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1768 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1768 True

Consideration of individual complaints

Document typeSymbol/TitleAuthor/complainantCOUNTRYDownload
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JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/613/1995 Anthony LeehongJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/613/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/616/1995 Zephiniah HamiltonJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/616/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/644/1995 Mohammed Ajaz and Amir JamilRepublic of Korea View document  CCPR/C/66/D/644/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/665/1995 Owen Brown and Burchell ParishJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/665/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/680/1996 Lancy GallimoreJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/680/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/699/1996 Ali Maleki (represented by his son, Kambiz Maleki)Italy View document  CCPR/C/66/D/699/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/709/1996 Everton BaileyJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/709/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/710/1996 Winston HankleJamaica View document  CCPR/C/66/D/710/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/717/1996 Acuña Inostroza et al.Chile View document  CCPR/C/66/D/717/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/718/1996/Rev.1 Maria Otilia Vargas VargasChile View document  CCPR/C/66/D/718/1996/Rev.1 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/724/1996 Jarmila MazurkiewiczovaCzech Republic View document  CCPR/C/66/D/724/1996 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/740/1997 Vicente Barzana YutronicChile View document  CCPR/C/66/D/740/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/741/1997 Michael CziklinCanada View document  CCPR/C/66/D/741/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/744/1997 Dagmar Urbanetz LinderholmCroatia View document  CCPR/C/66/D/744/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/746/1997 Humberto Menanteau Aceituno and Mr. José Carrasco VasquezChile View document  CCPR/C/66/D/746/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/754/1997 ANew Zealand View document  CCPR/C/66/D/754/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/768/1997 Chisala MukuntoZambia View document  CCPR/C/66/D/768/1997 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/66/D/786/1997 A.P. Johannes VosNetherlands View document  CCPR/C/66/D/786/1997 True


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