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CCPR - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

57 Session (08 Jul 1996 - 26 Jul 1996)

General Documentation

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Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1502-1530/CorrigendumSummary records of the 1502nd to 1530th meetings View document  CCPR/C/SR.1502-1530/Corrigendum True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1525/Add.1Summary record of the second part (public) of the 525TH meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1525/Add.1 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1529Summary record of the first part (public) of the 1529th meeting View document  CCPR/C/SR.1529 True69
Summary Records (general)CCPR/C/SR.1530Summary record of the 1530th meeting: 57th session View document  CCPR/C/SR.1530 True69

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Brazil Brazil   

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ExpandState party's report28224
BrazilState party's reportCCPR/C/81/Add.6 View document  CCPR/C/81/Add.6 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 28224
Brazil(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.53 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.53 True
ExpandList of issues28224
BrazilList of issuesCCPR/C/Q/BRA/1   CCPR/C/Q/BRA/1 False
ExpandConcluding observations28224
BrazilConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.66 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.66 True
ExpandSummary records28224
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1502 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1502 True
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1506 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1506 True
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1507 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1507 True
BrazilSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1508 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1508 True

Nigeria Nigeria   

 Document type
ExpandDecision on report282127
NigeriaDecision on reportA/51/40 paras. page 10 View document  A/51/40 True
ExpandState party's report282127
NigeriaState party's reportCCPR/C/92/Add.1 View document  CCPR/C/92/Add.1 True
ExpandConcluding observations282127
NigeriaConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.65 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.65 True
NigeriaConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.64 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.64 True
ExpandSummary records282127
NigeriaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1504 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1504 True
NigeriaSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1505 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1505 True

Peru Peru   

 Document type
ExpandCountry Analysis/Brief282136
PeruCountry Analysis/BriefM/CCPR/C/56/ANA/PER/1   M/CCPR/C/56/ANA/PER/1 False
ExpandState party's report282136
PeruState party's reportCCPR/C/83/Add.1 View document  CCPR/C/83/Add.1 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 282136
Peru(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/1/Add.43/Rev.1 View document  HRI/CORE/1/Add.43/Rev.1 True
ExpandList of issues282136
PeruList of issuesM/CCPR/C/56/LST/PER/3   M/CCPR/C/56/LST/PER/3 False
ExpandAdditional Info from State party282136
PeruAdditional Info from State partyCCPR/C/83/Add.4 View document  CCPR/C/83/Add.4 True
ExpandConcluding observations282136
PeruConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.67 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.67 True
PeruConcluding observationsCCPR/C/79/Add.72 View document  CCPR/C/79/Add.72 True
ExpandSummary records282136
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1502 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1502 True
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1519 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1519 True
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1520 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1520 True
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1521 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1521 True
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1547 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1547 True
PeruSummary recordsCCPR/C/SR.1548 View document  CCPR/C/SR.1548 True

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/422/1990 Adimayo M. Aduayom ; Sofianou T. Diasso ; Yawo S. DobouTogo View document  CCPR/C/57/D/422/1990 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/423/1990 Adimayo M. Aduayom ; Sofianou T. Diasso ; Yawo S. DobouTogo View document  CCPR/C/57/D/423/1990 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/424/1990 Adimayo M. Aduayom ; Sofianou T. Diasso ; Yawo S. DobouTogo View document  CCPR/C/57/D/424/1990 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/480/1991 George Graham and Arthur Morrison, José Luis Garcia FuenzalidaEcuador View document  CCPR/C/57/D/480/1991 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/512/1992 Daniel PintoTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/57/D/512/1992 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/523/1992 Clyde NeptuneTrinidad and Tobago View document  CCPR/C/57/D/523/1992 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/527/1993 Uton LewisJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/527/1993 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/537/1993 Paul Anthony KellyJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/537/1993 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/546/1993 Rickly BurrellJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/546/1993 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/557/1993 XAustralia View document  CCPR/C/57/D/557/1993 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/566/1993 Ivan SomersHungary View document  CCPR/C/57/D/566/1993 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/571/1994 Eustace Henry and Everald DouglasJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/571/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/584/1994 Antonius ValentijnFrance View document  CCPR/C/57/D/584/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/586/1994 Joseph Frank AdamCzech Republic View document  CCPR/C/57/D/586/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/589/1994 Crafton TomlinJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/589/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/598/1994 Carl SterlingJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/598/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/599/1994 Wayne SpenceJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/599/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/600/1994 Dwayne HyltonJamaica View document  CCPR/C/57/D/600/1994 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/608/1995 Franz NahlikAustria View document  CCPR/C/57/D/608/1995 True
JurisprudenceCCPR/C/57/D/645/1995 Vaihere Bordes and John TemeharoFrance View document  CCPR/C/57/D/645/1995 True


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