《消除妇女歧视公约》 - 《消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约》

第80 (Virtual PSWG)届会前工作组 (2021年03月01日 - 2021年03月05日)


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来自秘书处的信息CEDAW/C/PSWG/80/1  查看文件  CEDAW/C/PSWG/80/1 True93
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CEDAW/INF/80 (Virtual PSWG)/32302 True93
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CEDAW/INF/80 (Virtual PSWG)/32303 True93


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中国 中国

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/CHN/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN/9 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/CHN/43850 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/CHN/2010 查看文件  HRI/CORE/CHN/2010 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Network of Chinese Human Rights Defenders-CHRD (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44135 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Rights Practice-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44254 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP)-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44255 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The International Alliance for Peace and Development (IAPD)-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44265 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG)-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44266 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Feminist Network-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44286 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)China Queer Women Working Group (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44287 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44360 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Equality Rights Project, the Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong-Submission on China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44372 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Uygur Congress (WUC)-Submission on China (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHN/44434 True

中国(澳门) 中国(澳门)

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/CHN-MAC/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN-MAC/9 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/CHN-MAC/2019 查看文件  HRI/CORE/CHN-MAC/2019 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 True

中国(香港) 中国(香港)

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/CHN-HKG/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN-HKG/9 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/HKG/43851 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/CHN-HKG/2019 查看文件  HRI/CORE/CHN-HKG/2019 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHN/Q/9 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Women’s Foundation (TWF)-Submission on China Hong-Kong-(80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HKG/44219 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Justice Centre Hong Kong ("Justice Centre") (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HKG/44429 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Sounds of the Silenced ("SOS")-China Hong Kong (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HKG/44436 True

乌干达 乌干达

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/UGA/8-9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/UGA/8-9 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/UGA/43321 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/UGA/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/UGA/2015 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/UGA/Q/8-9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/UGA/Q/8-9 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat For Peace, Development, and Human Rights-Uganda (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/UGA/44147 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/UGA/44154 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)African Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO) & Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)-Uganda (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/UGA/44290 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Uganda Human Rights Commission (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/UGA/44483 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-Uganda (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/UGA/44247 True

匈牙利 匈牙利

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/HUN/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/HUN/9 True
缔约国报告的附件Annex 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ADR/HUN/43588 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/HUN/Q/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/HUN/Q/9 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件Annex to replies of Hungary to the list of issues and questions in relation to its ninth periodic report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ARL/HUN/46369 True
对问题清单的答复CEDAW/C/HUN/RQ/9 查看文件  CEDAW/C/HUN/RQ/9 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Validity Foundation – Mental Disability Advocacy Centre (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HUN/44131 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Advocates for Human Rights-Hungary (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HUN/44249 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Federation of Associations of Persons with Physical Disabilities (MEOSZ)-Hungary (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HUN/44316 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-Hungary (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HUN/44354 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)NANE Women’s Rights Association, PATENT-People Opposing Patriar-chy Association and Hungarian Women’s Lobby (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/HUN/44543 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary-NHRI (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/IFL/HUN/44291 True

毛里塔尼亚 毛里塔尼亚

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/MRT/4 查看文件  CEDAW/C/MRT/4 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/MRT/2020 查看文件  HRI/CORE/MRT/2020 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/MRT/Q/4 查看文件  CEDAW/C/MRT/Q/4 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat For Peace, Development, and Human Rights (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/MRT/44130 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/MRT/44153 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-Mauritania (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/MRT/44463 True

纳米比亚 纳米比亚

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/NAM/6 查看文件  CEDAW/C/NAM/6 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/NAM/2014 查看文件  HRI/CORE/NAM/2014 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/NAM/Q/6 查看文件  CEDAW/C/NAM/Q/6 True
对问题清单的答复CEDAW/C/NAM/RQ/6 查看文件  CEDAW/C/NAM/RQ/6 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women Leadership Centre (WLC)-Namibia (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/NAM/44365 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)CONFIDENTIAL-Namibia Diverse Women’s Association-Joint Submission by Civil Society Organizations (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/NAM/44450 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)The Ombudsman-National Human Rights Institution-Namibia (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/IFL/NAM/44216 True

阿拉伯联合酋长国 阿拉伯联合酋长国

缔约国的报告CEDAW/C/ARE/4 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ARE/4 True
议题清单CEDAW/C/ARE/Q/4 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ARE/Q/4 True
对问题清单的答复CEDAW/C/ARE/RQ/4 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ARE/RQ/4 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)World Policy Analysis Center (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44155 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, Equality Now & Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44218 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The International Alliance for Peace and Development (IAPD) Report-The United Arab Emirates (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44245 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Musawah-Submission on United Arab Emirates-List of Issues (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44369 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-United Arab Emirates (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44380 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Human Rights Watch-United Arab Emirates (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44465 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/ARE/44398 True


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不丹 不丹

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/BTN/QPR/10 查看文件  CEDAW/C/BTN/QPR/10 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.105 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.105 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Human Rights Watch-Bhutan (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/BTN/44246 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Equality Now-Bhutan (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/BTN/44250 True

意大利 意大利

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/ITA/QPR/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/ITA/QPR/8 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/ITA/2016 查看文件  HRI/CORE/ITA/2016 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Associazione Comunita' Papa Giovanni XXIII - LOIPR ITALY Report 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44144 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)The Italian Disability Forum (FID) / Forum Italiano sulla Disabilità 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44207 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Differenza Donna (DD)-LOIPR-Italy (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44248 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Italian Civil Society Organizations (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44299 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-WILPF-Italy LOIPR (80thPSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44314 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Pangea Joint Submission-Italy (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44344 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Human Rights Watch-Italy (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/ITA/44355 True

智利 智利

报告前问题清单CEDAW/C/CHL/QPR/8 查看文件  CEDAW/C/CHL/QPR/8 True
缔约国的报告    INT/CEDAW/INR/CHL/8664 False
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/CHL/2013 查看文件  HRI/CORE/CHL/2013 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Corporación Circulo Emancipador de Mujeres y Niñas con Discapacidad de Chile (CIMUNIDIS) y Corporacion Agrupacion de Usuarios de Servicios de Salud Mental, (ANUSSAM) Santiago de Chile (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICO/CHL/44244 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)La Corporación Humanas (CH) y el Centro de Derechos Reproductivos (CDR)-Chile (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/CHL/44256 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Corporación Humanas, Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de Género, Agrupación Lésbica Rompiendo el Silencio, Centro de Estudios de la Mujer, Colectivo Sin Fronteras, Corporación Circulo Emancipador de Mujeres y Niñas con Discapacidad de Chile, 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/CHL/45140 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)Associazione Comunita' Papa Giovanni XXIII - CEDAW LOIPR CHILE (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/CHL/44167 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于报告前问题清单)ARICA IMPACT-Chile (80th PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CEDAW/ICS/CHL/44276 True