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CESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

69 (Virtual Session) Session (15 Feb 2021 - 05 Mar 2021)

General Documentation

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Programme of Work Tentative Programme of Work (as of 17 February 2021) View document  INT/CESCR/POW/69 (Virtual Session)/32137 True32
Information from secretariatE/C.12/69/1Annotated provisional agenda View document  E/C.12/69/1 True93
Information from secretariatE/C.12/69/2Status of submission of reports View document  E/C.12/69/2 True93
Information from secretariat Planned consideration of follow-up reports: Received: Argentina, Germany, Niger, Republic of Moldova and Turkmenistan. View document  INT/CESCR/INF/69 (To be confirmed)/32035 True93
Information from secretariat Informative note on SUBMISSIONS from civil society and national human rights institutions - Deadline 18 January 2021 (to be submitted via the online system) View document  INT/CESCR/INF/69 (Virtual Session)/32187 True93
Information from secretariat SUBMISSIONS ONLINE SYSTEM View document  INT/CESCR/INF/69 (Virtual Session)/32188
Information from secretariat Due to Covid-19 related circumstances; many States party reviews are postponed until further notice (including those initially scheduled for the 68th session: Azerbaijan, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nicaragua; Serbia; and the 69th session: Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uzbekistan)   INT/CESCR/INF/69 (Virtual Session)/32306 False93
Information from secretariat UN Web TV View document  INT/CESCR/INF/69 (Virtual Session)/32360
Information from secretariat Observer link for the review of Latvia from Wednesday, 23 to Friday 25 February 2021, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (public link with interpretation in English, Spanish and French. View document  INT/CESCR/INF/69 (Virtual Session)/32361
Summary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.1Opening of the session View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.1 True31
Summary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.27Closing of the session View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.27 True31

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Finland Finland   Wednesday 17 Feb 2021 AM, Thursday 18 Feb 2021 AM, Friday 19 Feb 2021 AM

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ExpandList of issues prior to reporting (LoIPR)139461
FinlandList of issues prior to reporting (LoIPR)E/C.12/FIN/QPR/7 View document  E/C.12/FIN/QPR/7 True
ExpandState party report under LoIPR139461
FinlandState party report under LoIPRE/C.12/FIN/7 View document  E/C.12/FIN/7 True
ExpandAnnex to State party report139461
FinlandAnnex to State party reportAnnex View document  INT/CESCR/ADR/FIN/41919 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 139461
Finland(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/FIN/2020 View document  HRI/CORE/FIN/2020 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) 139461
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Amnesty International (AI) View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/43047 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Joint report of 24 civil society organizations View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/43049 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Joint submission_European Network on Independent Living View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/44121 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Saami Council View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/43050 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) the Friends of the Earth Finland, New Wind Association and Emmaus Aurinkotehdas View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/44178 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) 139461
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) Alva - Sámi Human Rights Association & Mii - Rovaniemi Sámi Association View document  INT/CESCR/ICS/FIN/33449 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) Finnish Disability Forum View document  INT/CESCR/ICS/FIN/33533 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) Heiskanen - Information about climate change policy View document  INT/CESCR/ICS/FIN/33358 True
FinlandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for LOIPR) Joint submission of 16 non-governmental organisations View document  INT/CESCR/ICS/FIN/33458 True
ExpandInfo from NHRIs (for the session) 139461
FinlandInfo from NHRIs (for the session) The Finnish Human Rights Centre (HRC) View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/FIN/43048 True
ExpandInfo from NHRIs (for LOIPR)139461
FinlandInfo from NHRIs (for LOIPR)Finnish Human Rights Centre/National Human Rights Institution View document  INT/CESCR/ICS/FIN/33320 True
FinlandStatementOpening Statement from the Head of delegation View document  INT/CESCR/STA/FIN/44379 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants139461
FinlandList of delegation/participantsDelegation of Finland View document  INT/CESCR/LOP/FIN/44378 True
ExpandConcluding observations139461
FinlandConcluding observationsE/C.12/FIN/CO/7 View document  E/C.12/FIN/CO/7 True
ExpandSummary records139461
FinlandSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.8 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.8 True
FinlandSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.7 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.7 True
FinlandSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.5 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.5 True

Latvia Latvia   Tuesday 23 Feb 2021 PM, Wednesday 24 Feb 2021 PM, Thursday 25 Feb 2021 PM

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ExpandState party's report139495
LatviaState party's reportE/C.12/LVA/2 View document  E/C.12/LVA/2 True
ExpandAnnex to State party report139495
LatviaAnnex to State party reportAnnex View document  INT/CESCR/ADR/LVA/34557 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 139495
Latvia(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/LVA/2017 View document  HRI/CORE/LVA/2017 True
ExpandAnnex to (Common) Core Document139495
LatviaAnnex to (Common) Core Document  View document  INT/All-Treaties/ACR/LVA/8601 True
ExpandList of issues139495
LatviaList of issuesE/C.12/LVA/Q/2 View document  E/C.12/LVA/Q/2 True
ExpandAnnex to Reply to List of Issues139495
LatviaAnnex to Reply to List of IssuesAnnex View document  INT/CESCR/ARL/LVA/42553 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues139495
LatviaReply to List of IssuesE/C.12/LVA/RQ/2 View document  E/C.12/LVA/RQ/2 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) 139495
LatviaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) F.I.D.H. Latvian Human Rights Committee View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/LVA/43053 True
LatviaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Interregional social movement «For democracy and human rights» View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/LVA/43052 True
LatviaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) The Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organisations SUSTENTO View document  INT/CESCR/CSS/LVA/44179 True
ExpandInfo from NHRIs (for LOIs)139495
LatviaInfo from NHRIs (for LOIs)Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Latvia View document  INT/CESCR/IFL/LVA/35835 True
LatviaStatementOpening statement from the Head of delegation View document  INT/CESCR/STA/LVA/44437 True
ExpandList of delegation/participants139495
LatviaList of delegation/participantsList of Delegation View document  INT/CESCR/LOP/LVA/44438 True
ExpandConcluding observations139495
LatviaConcluding observationsE/C.12/LVA/CO/2 View document  E/C.12/LVA/CO/2 True
ExpandSummary records139495
LatviaSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.17 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.17 True
LatviaSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.13 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.13 True
LatviaSummary recordsE/C.12/2021/SR.15 View document  E/C.12/2021/SR.15 True

Consideration of individual complaints

Document typeSymbol/TitleAuthor/complainantCOUNTRYDownload
Command item
Command item
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/162/2019 H. M. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/162/2019 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/174/2019 MF et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/174/2019 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/192/2020 S. G. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/192/2020 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/23/2017 H. M. et al v. SpainSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/23/2017 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/25/2018 M. S. Spain View document  E/C.12/69/D/25/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/36/2018 M. H. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/36/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/40/2018 G. M.Spain View document  E/C.12/69/D/40/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/44/2018 M. G. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/44/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/48/2018 Soraya Moreno RomeroSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/48/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/54/2018 El Ayoubi and El Azouan AzouzSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/54/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/55/2018 M. C.Spain View document  E/C.12/69/D/55/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/56/2018 Asmae Taghzouti EzqouihelSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/56/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/57/2018 J. S. Spain View document  E/C.12/69/D/57/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/58/2018 P. P. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/58/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/59/2018 G. L. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/59/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/66/2018 F. C. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/66/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/71/2018 A. H. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/71/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/72/2018 R. A. Spain View document  E/C.12/69/D/72/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/74/2018 P. E. et alSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/74/2018 True
JurisprudenceE/C.12/69/D/85/2018 Hakima El Goumari and Ahmed TidliSpain View document  E/C.12/69/D/85/2018 True


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