CRPD - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

24 (virtual session) Session (08 Mar 2021 - 01 Apr 2021)

General Documentation

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Provisional AgendaCRPD/C/24/1ANNOTATED PROVISIONAL AGENDA View document  CRPD/C/24/1 True21
Programme of Work Tentative Programme of Work (as of 25 September 2020) View document  INT/CRPD/POW/24/31939 True32
Information from secretariat  Please note that given the current COVID 19 pandemic, the session may also be held differently   INT/CRPD/INF/24/31550 False93
Open/Closing Remarks Statement- Mr. Ibrahim Salama-Chief of Branch-Human Rights Treaties Branch-OHCHR View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32417 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Disability and Accessibility, Ms. Maria Soledad Cisternas View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32418
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Cai Cai-Chief-Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion Section (GESIS), Social Development Division (ESCAP) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32419 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement-Mr. Ricardo Pla Cordero-United Nations Nigh Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32420 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Monica Halil Lövblad-World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32421 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Tanja Tuominen (UNWOMEN) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32422 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Anne Grandjean, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32423 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Kadambari Mainkar-Office of the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32424 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Viktoria Lee-Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32426 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Astrid Melchner-Capacity Building Programme-(OHCHR) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32427 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Ana Lucia Arellano-Chair of International Disability Alliance (IDA) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32428 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Mr. Yannis Vardakastanis-President European Disability Forum (EDF) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32429 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Mr. Geoff Warner-International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32430 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Mr. Kristijan Grdan-Mental Health Europe View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32431 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Declaración del Sr. German Bautista-Observatorio del Tratado de Marrakech en América Latina View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32432 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Tina Minkowitz-Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32433 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement-Ms. Julieta Rovelli, Proyecto AJuV-CRPD 24th Session View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32598
Open/Closing Remarks Closing Statement by Ms. Jolijn Santegoeds from World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32599 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Closing Statement-Ms. Karolina Kozik-Human Rights Watch (HRW) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32600 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Closing Statement by International Disability Alliance delivered by Mr. Joseph Murray, President of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/24 (virtual session)/32601 True90
Open/Closing Remarks Statement by Ms. Juta Saarevet on behalf of Chancellor of Justice of Estonia View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/EST/24 (virtual session)/32467 True90
Session DocumentsCRPD/C/24/2Report of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on its twenty-fourth session (8 March–1 April 2021) View document  CRPD/C/24/2 True61

Consideration of State Reports

The Committee considered the following State reports during the session.
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Estonia Estonia   Friday 12 Mar 2021 PM, Friday 12 Mar 2021 PM, Wednesday 17 Mar 2021 PM, Wednesday 17 Mar 2021 PM

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ExpandState party's report137858
EstoniaState party's reportCRPD/C/EST/1 View document  CRPD/C/EST/1 True
Expand(Common) Core Document 137858
Estonia(Common) Core Document HRI/CORE/EST/2015 View document  HRI/CORE/EST/2015 True
ExpandList of issues137858
EstoniaList of issuesCRPD/C/EST/Q/1 View document  CRPD/C/EST/Q/1 True
ExpandReply to List of Issues137858
EstoniaReply to List of IssuesCRPD/C/EST/RQ/1 View document  CRPD/C/EST/RQ/1 True
ExpandInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) 137858
EstoniaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Estonian Association of the Deaf View document  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/44337 True
EstoniaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Estonian Chamber of Disabled People View document  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/41440 True
EstoniaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) View document  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/44539 True
EstoniaInfo from Civil Society Organizations (for the session) Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children View document  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/41423 True
ExpandInfo from NHRIs (for the session) 137858
EstoniaInfo from NHRIs (for the session)   View document  INT/CRPD/NHS/EST/39772
EstoniaInfo from NHRIs (for the session) Chancellor of Justice on the response of the Government on List of issues of Estonia View document  INT/CRPD/NHS/EST/44540 True
ExpandOpen/Closing Remarks137858
EstoniaOpen/Closing RemarksOpening Statement by Head of Estonian Delegation View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/EST/24 (virtual session)/32466 True
EstoniaOpen/Closing RemarksOpening Statement on Estonia by Country Rapporteur Mr. Jonas Ruskus View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/EST/24 (virtual session)/32468 True
EstoniaOpen/Closing RemarksStatement-Closing Remarks by Country Rapporteur-Estonia-Mr. Jonas Ruskus View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/EST/24 (virtual session)/32494 True
EstoniaOpen/Closing RemarksStatement-Closing Remarks by Ms. Juta Saarevet-IMM Representative View document  INT/CRPD/OCR/EST/24 (virtual session)/32495 True
ExpandInfo from other stakeholders137858
EstoniaInfo from other stakeholdersEstonian Chamber of Disabled People submission View document  INT/CRPD/ICO/EST/33965 True
ExpandConcluding observations137858
EstoniaConcluding observationsCRPD/C/EST/CO/1 View document  CRPD/C/EST/CO/1 True
ExpandSummary records137858
EstoniaSummary recordsCRPD/C/SR.526 View document  CRPD/C/SR.526 True
EstoniaSummary recordsCRPD/C/SR.527 View document  CRPD/C/SR.527 True

Consideration of individual complaints

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JurisprudenceCRPD/C/24/D/20/2014Grainne Sherlock Australia View document  CRPD/C/24/D/20/2014 True
JurisprudenceCRPD/C/24/D/36/2016G.J.D. Australia View document  CRPD/C/24/D/36/2016 True
JurisprudenceCRPD/C/24/D/49/2018M.Y. Sweden View document  CRPD/C/24/D/49/2018 True


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