《残疾人权利公约》  - 《残疾人权利公约》 

第11届会前工作组 (2019年04月08日 - 2019年04月11日)


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工作方案   查看文件  INT/CRPD/POW/11/28065 True32
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CRPD/INF/11/28066


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印度 印度   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/IND/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/IND/1 True
议题清单CRPD/C/IND/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/IND/Q/1 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件  查看文件  INT/CRPD/ARL/Ind/35340 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/IND/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/IND/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)International Federation of Anti Leprosy Associations (ILEP) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35564 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Human Rights Watch submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35569 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Women with Disabilities India Network submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35606 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Women with Disabilities India Network - Annexure I Case Studies 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35607 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Women with Disabilities India Network - Annexure II List of Organisations 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35608 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Women with Disabilities India Network - Annexure III Details of LOIs 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35609 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Joint NGO submission by Srishti Madurai and NNID Foundation 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35644 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)United National CRPD Coalition-India submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35650 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Centre for Sustainable Use of Natural and Social Resources (CSNR) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/Ind/35674 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33849 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Women with Disabilities India Network submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33879 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National Disability Network (NDN) and National Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (NCRPD) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33881 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National CRPD Coalition-India submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33886 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) submission - Statement on Leprosy 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33926 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/33975 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Centre for Sustainable Use of Natural and Social Resources (CSNR) and Minority Rights Group International (MRG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/34085 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Concept note on inclusive education for children with disabilities (Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/Ind/34833 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)National Human Rights Commission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NHS/Ind/35616 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)National Human Rights Commission submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/IFL/Ind/34124 True
陈述Statemenr by Ms. Shakuntala Doley Gamlin, Secretary, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (M/o SJ&E) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/Ind/37037 True
代表团/与会者名单List of delegation 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/Ind/36884 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/IND/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/IND/CO/1 True

孟加拉 孟加拉   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/BGD/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/BGD/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/BGD/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/BGD/2015 True
议题清单CRPD/C/BGD/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/BGD/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/BGD/RQ/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/BGD/RQ/1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Planète Réfugiés-Droits de l'Homme 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/41438 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Jatiyo Trinomul Pratibandhi Sangstha 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/41454 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)The Leprosy Mission International – Bangladesh (TLMI-B), Protibondhi Nagorik Shangathaner Parishad (PNSP) and Advancing Leprosy and disadvantaged peoples Opportunities Society (ALO) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/41480 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Disables People's Organizations 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/49479 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Nagorik Uddyog 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/49526 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Human Rights Watch (HRW) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/49539 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)CRPD Platform Bangladesh 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/49554 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)National Level Advisory Committee (NAC)-Bangladesh 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/BGD/49555 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/BGD/33850 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Joint submission of The Leprosy Mission Bangladesh and Protibondhi Nagorik Shangathaner Parishad (National Network of DPOs) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/BGD/33873 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Disabled Peoples’ Organisations, Community Based Organisations and Non-Government Organisations in Bangladesh submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/BGD/33891 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Nagorik Uddyog and Minority Rights Group International (MRG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/BGD/34084 True

希腊 希腊   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/GRC/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/GRC/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/GRC/2018 查看文件  HRI/CORE/GRC/2018 True
议题清单CRPD/C/GRC/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/GRC/Q/1 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件Annex to Reply to List of Issues 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ARL/GRC/35590 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/GRC/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/GRC/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)GREEK HELSINKI MONITOR (GHM) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/GRC/35560 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)National Confederation of Disabled People of Greece (NCDP) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/GRC/35648 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)National Confederation of Disabled People of Greece (NCDP) - Recommendations 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/GRC/35649 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)GREEK HELSINKI MONITOR (GHM) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/GRC/33921 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National Confederation of Disabled People (NCDP) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/GRC/34034 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)Greek National Commission for Human Rights 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NHS/GRC/35585 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/IFL/GRC/34129 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息Greek Ombudsman’s Report 查看文件  INT/CRPD/IFS/GRC/35647 True
陈述Statement by Ms. Matthildi Chatzipanagiotou, Special Advisor to the Minister of State 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/GRC/37038 True
代表团/与会者名单List of delegation 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/GRC/35837 True
缔约国提交的其他信息Additional written information provided by Greece following the consideration of its initial reports 查看文件  INT/CRPD/AIS/GRC/37472 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/GRC/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/GRC/CO/1 True

爱沙尼亚 爱沙尼亚   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/EST/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/EST/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/EST/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/EST/2015 True
议题清单CRPD/C/EST/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/EST/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/EST/RQ/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/EST/RQ/1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/41423 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Estonian Chamber of Disabled People 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/41440 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Estonian Association of the Deaf 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/44337 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/EST/44539 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)  查看文件  INT/CRPD/NHS/EST/39772
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)Chancellor of Justice on the response of the Government on List of issues of Estonia 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NHS/EST/44540 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息Estonian Chamber of Disabled People submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/EST/33965 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/EST/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/EST/CO/1 True

牙买加 牙买加   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/JAM/1/Rev.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/JAM/1/Rev.1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/1/Add.82 查看文件  HRI/CORE/1/Add.82 True
议题清单CRPD/C/JAM/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/JAM/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/JAM/RQ/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/JAM/RQ/1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)The Combined Disabilities Association, Jamaica Society for the Blind, Jamaica Association on Intellectual Disabilities and Jamaica Association for the Deaf 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/JAM/47972 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/JAM/33851 True
缔约国提交的其他信息Additional responses from State party 查看文件  INT/CRPD/AIS/JAM/48200 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/JAM/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/JAM/CO/1 True

科威特 科威特   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/KWT/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/KWT/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/KWT/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/KWT/2015 True
议题清单CRPD/C/KWT/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/KWT/Q/1 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件Annex 2 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ARL/KWT/35698 True
针对议题清单所作回复的附件Annex 1 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ARL/KWT/35697 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/KWT/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/KWT/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织提交的信息The National Association of Familial Security-"Rawasi" 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NGO/KWT/22062 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Kuwaiti Association For The Basic Evaluators Of Human Rights (K.A.B.E.H.R) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/KWT/23157 True
陈述Statement by H.E. Jamal Alghunaim – Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations Office in Geneva 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/KWT/37039 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Kuwait 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/KWT/35709 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/KWT/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/KWT/CO/1 True

缅甸 缅甸   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/MMR/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/MMR/1 True
议题清单CRPD/C/MMR/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/MMR/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/MMR/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/MMR/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Myanmar National Human Rights Commission submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/MMR/35498 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)International Federation of Anti Leprosy Associations (ILEP) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/MMR/35565 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Submission - Myanmar Federation of Persons with Disabilities and Myanmar Disabled People Organizations 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/MMR/31739 True
陈述Statement by H.E. Kyaw Moe Tun, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Myanmar 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/MMR/36950 True
代表团/与会者名单List of delegation 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/MMR/35840 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/MMR/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/MMR/CO/1 True

阿尔巴尼亚 阿尔巴尼亚   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/ALB/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/ALB/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/ALB/2012 查看文件  HRI/CORE/ALB/2012 True
议题清单CRPD/C/ALB/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/ALB/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/ALB/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/ALB/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Caritas Albania alternative report 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/ALB/35345 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Albanian Blind Association submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/ALB/35570 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Albanian Blind Association submission addendum 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/ALB/35571 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Network of Disability Organizations (Albania) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/ALB/35793 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Caritas Albania submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/ALB/33887 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Albanian Disability Rights Foundation submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/ALB/33892 True
陈述Statement by Mrs. Bardhylka Kospiri, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Social protection 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/ALB/36914 True
代表团/与会者名单List of delegation 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/ALB/35856 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/ALB/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/ALB/CO/1 True