《残疾人权利公约》  - 《残疾人权利公约》 

第10届会前工作组 (2018年09月24日 - 2018年09月27日)


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工作方案   查看文件  INT/CRPD/POW/10/27710 True32
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CRPD/INF/10/27227 True93
来自秘书处的信息   查看文件  INT/CRPD/INF/10/27252
来自秘书处的信息     INT/CRPD/INF/10/27711 False93


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卢旺达 卢旺达   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/RWA/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/RWA/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/RWA/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/RWA/2015 True
议题清单CRPD/C/RWA/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/RWA/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/RWA/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/RWA/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/RWA/33855 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)National Union of Disability Organization of Rwanda (NUDOR) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/RWA/34125 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/RWA/31992 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)NOUSPR and HRFRA 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/RWA/32361 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)National Union of Disability Organizations in Rwanda (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NGO/RWA/31978 True
陈述Déclaration d'ouverture du Secrétaire d’Etat Chargée des Affaires Sociales au Ministère de l’Administration Locale (MINALOC), Hon. Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/RWA/34292 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Rwanda 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/RWA/34244 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/RWA/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/RWA/CO/1 True

土耳其 土耳其   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/TUR/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/TUR/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/TUR/2007 查看文件  HRI/CORE/TUR/2007 True
议题清单CRPD/C/TUR/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/TUR/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/TUR/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/TUR/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)The Confederation of the Disabled of Turkey submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33877 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Network for the Rights of Children with Disabilities EÇHA self introduction 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33884 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Network for the Rights of Children with Disabilities EÇHA shadow report 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33885 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33924 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Social Rights and Research Society (TOHAD) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33925 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)The Advocates for Human Rights (TAHR) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/TUR/33930 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Disability Rights Monitoring Group (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/TUR/32006 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Confederation of the Disabled of Turkey and allies 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/TUR/32163 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Association for Monitoring Equal Rights 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/TUR/32174 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Network for the Rights of Children with Disabilities submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/TUR/33864 True
陈述Opening statement by Mr. Ahmet ERDEM, Deputy Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/TUR/34270 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Turkey 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/TUR/34165 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/TUR/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/TUR/CO/1 True
来自其他来源的追加后续行动信息Follow-up report : Written responses of the Government of Turkey to follow-up questions of the Committee members during the review of the first periodic report on 13-14 March 2019 查看文件  INT/CRPD/AFS/TUR/41108 True
来自其他来源的追加后续行动信息Additional responses 查看文件  INT/CRPD/FCO/TUR/41109 True

塞内加尔 塞内加尔   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/SEN/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SEN/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/SEN/2015 查看文件  HRI/CORE/SEN/2015 True
议题清单CRPD/C/SEN/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SEN/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/SEN/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SEN/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Rapport alternatif au réponses à la liste de questions - FÉDÉRATION SÉNÉGALAISE DES ASSOCIATIONS DE PERSONNES HANDICAPÉES 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/SEN/34164 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/SEN/33853 True
陈述Statement by His Excellency Ambassador Martin Pascal TINE, Director of Judicial and Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Senegal 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/SEN/34347 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Senegal 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/SEN/34332 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/SEN/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SEN/CO/1 True

尼日尔 尼日尔   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/NER/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NER/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/NER/2018 查看文件  HRI/CORE/NER/2018 True
议题清单CRPD/C/NER/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NER/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/NER/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NER/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)La Federation Nigérienne des Personnes Handicapées 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/NER/33966 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/NER/33854 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Nigerian Federation of Persons with Disabilities written alternative responses to the list of issues 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/NER/34067 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Fédération Nigérienne des Personnes Handicapées (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NGO/NER/31980 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于问题清单)Commission nationale des droits humains du Niger (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NGO/NER/31967 True
陈述Discours d'ouverture par Mme la Ministre de la Population, Amadou Aissata Issa Maiga 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/NER/34269 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation Niger 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/NER/34118 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/NER/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NER/CO/1 True

挪威 挪威   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/NOR/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NOR/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/NOR/2017 查看文件  HRI/CORE/NOR/2017 True
议题清单CRPD/C/NOR/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NOR/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/NOR/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NOR/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Civil Society Coalition Norway submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/NOR/33866 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)We Shall Overcome (WSO) submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/NOR/33929 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)We Shall Overcome (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/NOR/31986 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)The Civil Society Coalition Norway 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/NOR/32106 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)Norwegian National Human Rights Institution submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/NOR/33862 True
来自国家人权机构的信息(用于届会)Supplementary information from the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution 查看文件  INT/CRPD/NHS/NOR/33829 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息The Norwegian Equality and Anti Discrimination Ombud (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/NOR/31847 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息The Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud 2015 report 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/NOR/33863 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud 查看文件  INT/CRPD/IFL/NOR/33521 True
其他利益攸关方提交的信息The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud's input to the CRPD Committee’s tenth pre-session 查看文件  INT/CRPD/IFL/NOR/33984 True
陈述Statement by H.E. Mr. Jan-Christian Kolstø, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Culture 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/NOR/34467 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Norway 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/NOR/34151 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/NOR/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/NOR/CO/1 True

沙特阿拉伯 沙特阿拉伯   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/SAU/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SAU/1 True
议题清单CRPD/C/SAU/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SAU/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/SAU/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SAU/Q/1/Add.1 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/SAU/31989 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Autistic Minority International 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICS/SAU/32004 True
陈述Statement by His Excellency Dr. Bandar Al -Aiban, president of Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/SAU/34359 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Saudi Arabia 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/SAU/34348 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/SAU/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/SAU/CO/1 True

瓦努阿图 瓦努阿图   

缔约国的报告CRPD/C/VUT/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/VUT/1 True
(共同)核心文件HRI/CORE/VUT/2014 查看文件  HRI/CORE/VUT/2014 True
议题清单CRPD/C/VUT/Q/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/VUT/Q/1 True
对问题清单的答复CRPD/C/VUT/Q/1/Add.1 查看文件  CRPD/C/VUT/Q/1/Add.1 True
民间社会组织的的信息(用于届会)Vanuatu Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association - VDPA submission 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/VUT/34028 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Vanuatu's Alternative Report 查看文件  INT/CRPD/CSS/VUT/31907 True
来自民间社会组织的信息(用于问题清单)Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children (PSWG) 查看文件  INT/CRPD/ICO/VUT/31991 True
陈述Statement by Ms Dorosday Kenneth Lui -Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Community Services 查看文件  INT/CRPD/STA/VUT/34469 True
代表团/与会者名单List of Delegation - Vanuatu 查看文件  INT/CRPD/LOP/VUT/34468 True
结论性意见CRPD/C/VUT/CO/1 查看文件  CRPD/C/VUT/CO/1 True