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Coalición Nacional de Mujeres del EcuadorFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWEcuador 01 Jun 2017 View document  E S         INT_CEDAW_NGS_ECU_27620_E.pdf INT_CEDAW_NGS_ECU_27620_S.pdf   INT/CEDAW/NGS/ECU/27620 True96
Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (CDH-UCAB) Civilis, Derechos Humanos Espacio Público Programa Venezolano de Educación – Acción en Derechos Humanos (Provea)Follow-up Information from other sources CATVenezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 13 Apr 2017 View document  E S         INT_CAT_NGS_VEN_27525_E.pdf INT_CAT_NGS_VEN_27525_S.pdf   INT/CAT/NGS/VEN/27525 True96
Joint NGO follow-up report (with the support of Centre for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR))Follow-up Information from other sources CCPRCambodia 23 Feb 2016 View document  E           INT_CCPR_NGS_KHM_24423_E.docx     INT/CCPR/NGS/KHM/24423 True96
Equality and Human Rights Commission -March 2016 updateFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 03 Mar 2016 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGS_GBR_22921_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGS/GBR/22921 True96
La Strada UkraineFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWUkraine 09 Oct 2012 View document  E    R      INT_CEDAW_NGS_UKR_13632_E.pdf    INT_CEDAW_NGS_UKR_13632_R.pdfINT/CEDAW/NGS/UKR/13632 True96
No Action - No Progress, follow-up reportFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWCanada 01 Feb 2010 View document  EF          INT_CEDAW_NGS_CAN_13431_E.pdfINT_CEDAW_NGS_CAN_13431_F.pdf    INT/CEDAW/NGS/CAN/13431 True96
Northern Ireland Women's European PlatformFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 21 Jan 2010 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGS_GBR_12152_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGS/GBR/12152 True96
Nothing to reportFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWCanada 01 Jan 2010 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGS_CAN_11941_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGS/CAN/11941 True96
Asylum AidFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 29 May 2009 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGS_GBR_12154_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGS/GBR/12154 True96
Amnesty International, follow-up reportFollow-up Information from other sources CEDAWCanada 11 May 2009 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGS_CAN_11940_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGS/CAN/11940 True96


The Treaty Body Database contains all public documents adopted or received by the human rights treaty bodies. Although the Database is updated regularly and attempts to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data displayed on these web pages, it may still contain some inaccuracies, which will have to be corrected over the next months. Clarifications or further information can be sought directly from the relevant Secretariat.