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Replies of New Zealand to the recommendations and questions put forward by the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture in its report on its first periodic visit to New Zealand (CAT/OP/NZL/1)Additional Info from State partyCAT-OPNew ZealandCAT/OP/NZL/1/Add.122 Feb 2017 View document        E S   CAT_OP_NZL_1_Add-1_17459_E.pdf     CAT/OP/NZL/1/Add.1 True1
ARMENIA: REPORT OF THE SUBCOMMITTEENPM advisory visit - report to NPM (SPT)CAT-OPArmeniaCAT/OP/ARM/222 Feb 2017 View document        E S   CAT_OP_ARM_2_7246_E.doc     CAT/OP/ARM/2 True70
Visit to Brazil undertaken from 19 to 30 October 2015: observations and recommendations addressed to the State party - Report of the SubcommitteeCountry visit report (SPT)CAT-OPBrazilCAT/OP/BRA/316 Feb 2017 View document        E S         CAT/OP/BRA/3 True23
 Country visit report (SPT)CAT-OPTogoCAT/OP/TGO/110 Feb 2017 View document        E S         CAT/OP/TGO/1 True23
Report on the visit of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to New ZealandCountry visit report (SPT)CAT-OPNew ZealandCAT/OP/NZL/110 Feb 2017 View document        E SACRCAT_OP_NZL_1_7242_E.pdf     CAT/OP/NZL/1 True23
 Country visit report (SPT)CAT-OPChileCAT/OP/CHL/127 Dec 2016 View document    S           CAT_OP_CHL_1_7897_S.docx   CAT/OP/CHL/1 True23
 Additional Info from State partyCAT-OPChileCAT/OP/CHL/1/Add.127 Dec 2016 View document    S           CAT_OP_CHL_1_Add-1_26396_S.pdf   CAT/OP/CHL/1/Add.1 True1
NETHERLANDS: REPLIES TO SPT VISIT - STATE PARTYNPM advisory visit - replies from State party (SPT)CAT-OPNetherlandsCAT/OP/NLD/1/Add.103 Nov 2016 View document        E S         CAT/OP/NLD/1/Add.1 True149
Visit to the Netherlands for the purpose of providing advisory assistance to the national preventive mechanism: recommendations and observations addressed to the State partyNPM advisory visit - report to State party (SPT)CAT-OPNetherlandsCAT/OP/NLD/102 Nov 2016 View document        E S   CAT_OP_NLD_1_23620_E.docx     CAT/OP/NLD/1 True147
ITALY : REPLIES TO SPT VISIT - STATE PARTYAdditional Info from State partyCAT-OPItalyCAT/OP/ITA/1/Add.101 Nov 2016 View document        E S         CAT/OP/ITA/1/Add.1 True1


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