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List of issues in relation to the eighth periodic report of New ZealandList of issuesCEDAWNew ZealandCEDAW/C/NZL/Q/830 Nov 2017 View document        E S   CEDAW_C_NZL_Q_8_28806_E.docx     CEDAW/C/NZL/Q/8 True18
Global Human Rights Group (submission for PSWG)Info from Civil Society OrganizationsCEDAWNew Zealand 13 Nov 2017 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGO_NZL_29476_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGO/NZL/29476 True14
Information received from New Zealand on follow-up to the concluding observations Follow-up State party's reportCCPRNew ZealandCCPR/C/NZL/CO/6/Add.125 Oct 2017 View document        E     CCPR_C_NZL_CO_6_Add-1_28827_E.docx     CCPR/C/NZL/CO/6/Add.1 True46
New Zealand Human Rights Commission (for PSWG)Info from NHRIsCEDAWNew Zealand 10 Oct 2017 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_IFN_NZL_29162_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/IFN/NZL/29162 True12
Fourth periodic report submitted by New Zealand under articles 16 and 17 of the Covenant, due in 2017State party's reportCESCRNew ZealandE/C.12/NZL/406 Oct 2017 View document        E S   E_C-12_NZL_6_6149_E.docx     E/C.12/NZL/4 True29
Pacific Women's Watch - New Zealand (PWW(NZ) (submission for PSWG)Info from Civil Society OrganizationsCEDAWNew Zealand 03 Oct 2017 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGO_NZL_29084_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGO/NZL/29084 True14
Family Planning New Zealand, Te Whāriki Takapou and the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) joint submission (for PSWG)Info from Civil Society OrganizationsCEDAWNew Zealand 29 Sep 2017 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGO_NZL_29044_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGO/NZL/29044 True14
NCWNZ joint submission (for PSWG)Info from Civil Society OrganizationsCEDAWNew Zealand 26 Sep 2017 View document  E           INT_CEDAW_NGO_NZL_29006_E.pdf     INT/CEDAW/NGO/NZL/29006 True14
Concluding observations on the combined twenty-first and twenty-second periodic reports of New ZealandConcluding observationsCERDNew ZealandCERD/C/NZL/CO/21-2222 Sep 2017 View document        E SACRCERD_C_NZL_CO_21-22_28724_E.pdf     CERD/C/NZL/CO/21-22 True5
Summary recordsSummary recordsCERDNew ZealandCERD/C/SR.256817 Aug 2017 View document        E           CERD/C/SR.2568 True31


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