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This page provides country specific information on :
  • The ratification of international Human Rights treaties
  • The reporting cycles
  • All the documents related to a reporting cycle

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Reporting status for Chile
 TreatySignature DateRatification Date, Accession(a), Succession(d) Date
Command item
Command item

CAT - Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

CATConvention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment23 Sep 198730 Sep 198830 Oct 1988  30 Sep 1988
 Reporting CycleSession (Year)
ExpandVI64 (2018)
Document typeSymbol/TitleDue dateSubmitted datePublication DateDownload
List of issues prior to reporting (LoIPR)CAT/C/CHL/Q/6  11 Jul 2012 View document       E S         CHLCAT/C/CHL/Q/6  25True
State party report under LoIPRCAT/C/CHL/631 Dec 2013/Initially due in 201316 Feb 201715 Mar 2017 View document       E S     INT_CAT_RUL_CHL_5701_S.pdf   CHLCAT/C/CHL/6 201345True
Annex to State party report  16 Feb 2017  View document   S           INT_CAT_ADR_CHL_26680_S.docx   CHLINT/CAT/ADR/CHL/26680  151True
ExpandV42 (2009)
Document typeSymbol/TitleDue dateSubmitted datePublication DateDownload
State party's reportCAT/C/CHL/529 Oct 200519 Jan 200721 Aug 2007 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/CHL/5  29True
List of issuesCAT/C/CHL/Q/5  12 Feb 2009 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/CHL/Q/5  18True
Reply to List of IssuesCAT/C/CHL/Q/5/Add.1  29 Mar 2009 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/CHL/Q/5/Add.1  22True
Info from Civil Society OrganizationsChilean Civil Society    View document E S         INT_CAT_NGO_CHL_42_8334_E.pdf INT_CAT_NGO_CHL_42_8334_S.pdf   CHLINT/CAT/NGO/CHL/42/8334  14True
Info from Civil Society OrganizationsFIDH    View document E           INT_CAT_NGO_CHL_42_8333_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/NGO/CHL/42/8333  14True
Info from Civil Society OrganizationsREDRESS    View document E           INT_CAT_NGO_CHL_42_8335_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/NGO/CHL/42/8335  14True
Statement     View document E           INT_CAT_STA_CHL_42_11009_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/STA/CHL/42/11009  109True
List of delegation/participants     View document E           INT_CAT_LOP_CHL_42_10396_E.doc     CHLINT/CAT/LOP/CHL/42/10396  107True
List of delegation/participants     View document E           INT_CAT_LOP_CHL_42_10397_E.doc     CHLINT/CAT/LOP/CHL/42/10397  107True
Concluding observationsCAT/C/CHL/CO/5  23 Jun 2009 View document       E SACR      CHLCAT/C/CHL/CO/5  5True
Follow-up issuesConcluding observations CAT/C/CHL/CO/5, paras. 12-14, 18 & 25 15 May 2009  View document E           INT_CAT_FUI_CHL_12056_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/FUI/CHL/12056  117True
Follow-up State party's reportCAT/C/CHL/CO/5/Add.115 May 201022 Jul 2011  View document   S           CAT_C_CHL_CO_5_Add-1_11612_S.pdf   CHLCAT/C/CHL/CO/5/Add.1  46True
Follow-up letter sent to the State partyReminder 28 Mar 2010  View document E           INT_CAT_FUR_CHL_12057_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/FUR/CHL/12057  114True
Follow-up Information from other sources CINTRAS, CODEPU & Corporación Humanas de Observatorio Ciudadano 18 Feb 2011  View document E           INT_CAT_NGS_CHL_12058_E.pdf     CHLINT/CAT/NGS/CHL/12058  115True
Summary recordsCAT/C/SR.877  17 Jun 2009 View document         S  R      CHLCAT/C/SR.877  31True
Summary recordsCAT/C/SR.879  19 Jun 2009 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/SR.879  31True
ExpandIII-IV32 (2004)
Document typeSymbol/TitleDue dateSubmitted datePublication DateDownload
State party's reportCAT/C/39/Add.529 Oct 199718 Feb 200204 Mar 2004 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/39/Add.5  29True
AddendumCAT/C/39/Add.14  28 Oct 2002 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/39/Add.14  40True
CorrigendumCAT/C/39/Add.5/Corr.1  10 Apr 2003 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/39/Add.5/Corr.1  39True
List of issuesCAT/C/32/L/CHL                      CHLCAT/C/32/L/CHL  18False
Concluding observationsCAT/C/CR/32/5 14 Jun 200414 Jun 2004 View document       E S  R      CHLCAT/C/CR/32/5  5True
Follow-up issuesConcluding Observations CAT/C/CR/32/5, para. 7, subparagraphs (k), (m) and (q)  21 May 2004  View document                   CHLINT/CAT/FUI/CHL/14177http://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=CAT%2fC%2fCR%2f32%2f5&Lang=en 117True
Follow-up State party's reportCAT/C/38/CRP.421 May 200522 Jan 2007                 &nb