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Azzouz Kerdoun

Title Mr.
Nationality Algeria
Committee Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Date First Elected 01 Jan 2003
Date Term Expires 31 Dec 2010
Position on Committee Vice-Chairperson
Professional Background - Professor of Public International Law and Political Science
- Chairman of the Laboratory on the Maghreb and the Mediterranean (LERMM)
- Visiting Professor at the Multidisciplinary Chair of the United Nations EducationalScientific and Cultural Organization/Association des Études InternationalesTunis1991 and 1992
- Visiting Professor at the University of Toulouse (France)1993 and 1995
- Visiting Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille (France)19961997 and 1999
- Visiting Professor at the University of Strasbourg (France)2001
- News Reporter of Maghreb-Magazine (Morocco)1992-1993
- Expert in the African Biotechnology AgencyAlgierssince 1998
- Expert in the Permanent Conference on Historical Towns in the Mediterranean (Italy) since1999
- Member of the Juridical and Economical Commission of the High Algerian National Council of Environment and Sustainable Development1997-1999
- Consultant to the National Institute of Global Strategic Studies (Algiers)1987-2001
- Consultant to the Mediterranean Foundation of Strategic Studies (France)1995-2000
- Barrister at the Supreme Court of Justice since 1984

Prior administrative occupations:
- Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Law1989-1992
- Founder and Chairman of a Research Unit on Africa and the Arab World1987-2000
- Founder and Chairman of publication and review Annals of URAMA1997-1998
- Founder and Chairman of Laboratory of Studies and Research on the Maghreb and the Mediterranean since 2000
Educational Background - General Certificate of Education (advanced level), Baccalaureat ès-liettres, secondary school in Paris, 1969-1970
- Bachelor’s degree in law, University of Constantine, 1975
- General Certificate in Human Rights, International Centre of Human Rights, University of Strasbourg, 1977
- Master of Arts in international law, University of Montpellier, 1978
- Master of Arts in political science, University of Montpellier, 1979
- PhD, doctorate in public law, University of Montpellier, 1981
- Professor of International Law, Algiers, 1993
Current occupation - Director of Research since 1992,
- Professor (full) in Public International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Constantine since 1993,
- Chairman of Laboratory on the Maghreb and the Mediterranean since 2000
Language Arabic (Alarabia)French (Français)English
Working Language EnglishFrench
TreatyBody Internet