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Claudio Grossman

Title Mr.
Nationality Chile
Committee Committee against Torture
Date First Elected 01 Jan 2004
Date Term Expires 31 Dec 2011
Position on Committee Chairperson
Professional Background July 1995-present: DeanAmerican UniversityWashington College of LawWashingtonD.C.U.S.A
Elected August 2002: Executive Board MemberInter-American Institute on Human Rights. June 1993-2001: MemberInter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States; Delegate; Legal Advisor; Mission participant (1990-present); Council member (1989-present); General Rapporteur (1993-1995);
RapporteurUNDP - First Conference on Consumer Protection for Latin AMerica and the Caribbean held in Uruguay (1987)
Board memberInternational Human Rights Law Group (1985-1993)
Consultant: The World Bank; ILANUD; The Federation of International Civil Servants Association; The United Nations Division of Narcotic Drugs.
Educational Background University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Doctor of the Science of Law, August, 1980.
University of Chile, Law School, Santiago, Chile: Licenciado en Ciencias Juridicas y Sociales, March 1971, Summa cum laude.
Current occupation Dean, American University, Washington College of Law
Language Spanish (Español)English
Working Language EnglishSpanish
TreatyBody Internet